cant stop worrying

had a early scan on tuesday they said evrything was fine but im just so scared as this was the case last time and my baby died 2weeks later ..i wanna be positive but cant help worring


  • Kaiyleigh, it's natural to feel worried, especially after a mc. It's hard but try to stay positive. Think about the little one you have now and stay postitve for them. Do you have another scan planned?
  • Kaiyleigh, i'd be exactly the same. We know the chances are we'll only have one mc, but that doesn't help, does it? Like Opalfruit says, just try and stay positive for your bean. Good luck for a healthy and happy pregnancy, Elli xx
  • Hi Kaiyleigh

    I'm kind of in the same situation. I had an early scan last sat as i had some spotting/bleeding at 5+0 wks (by my lmp) had my scan at 5+2 and they couldn;t see much even though my pg test was positive. when they took HCG bt's the levels were indicative of me being under 5 weeks and i'm still having strong positve HPT's and still have pg symptoms. I've got another scan in a week and i am worried about it. I had a MMC and it was found at my 12 wk scan and that baby had died at 9-10 weeks, so i am petrified the same will happen again. I know where you are coming from, and i am trying my best not to worry as it will do me no good, easier said than done i know, but hang on in there.

    Jodie xx

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  • found out at 12wks too baby had died at 8+4. iv had a small amount of spotting too . but iv found out that iv bruising on the sac which could be the cause. havent really got strong symtoms jus lots of toilet visits, tierdness and achy boobs at times no sickness thou jus so scared.
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