Is cramping...

in lower back and abdomen a positive or negative thing at 7DPO!?!
Feels like dull period type pains but someone said thats not good, so am a little confused as ladies on here who now have their BFP said they had this as a symptom lol.


  • Yes that is a good sign. Implantation usually happen 7-10DPO and this would cause some cramping. Dont panic if you dont get implatation bleeding as I didnt in any of my pregnancies.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • hi EM, i tryed to reply in preg. after mc but the BE keeps eating it!arghh! sso illtry here. i was trying to tell you that its a good sign i had period like cramping from ov time untill i was about 8 wks along and still get it once in a while now. i also had it with my other babies and all but one were happy healthy babies, so i would have to say its good sign! good luck!!

  • hi ya,

    yeah - it's a good sign, x

    I had cramping from about 7dpo too and I knew it wasnt af turning up as it was too early - so i left it a week and then got my bfp.

    have you done a test yet?

    hope its good news

  • I done a test yday but was BFN but kinda guessed it would be as was only 9DPO.
    Today am 10DPO and still having the cramps but a little worse, also having slight brownish spotting in my CM, nothing when i wipe but can see it in my underwear, just little spots/marks. (sorry tmi)
    Got some first response today, do these have to be used with FMU?
  • You can use urine from anytime of day but FMU will have a stronger concentration of hCG!

    I'm on CD21 / 8DPO and I've been having exactly the same symptoms as you since 6DPO! Who knows what this all bloomin well means?? but I wish you all the best and Good luck! x
  • Cheers hun image
    I had CRAZY dreams 1 after the other last night and kept waking up, had a congested nose for a few days then just went, had high temp, today have started feeling sick and dizzy and got quite bad AF pains.
    Keep running to loo cause think AF is here but nothing.
    Am so so so excited but also scared.
    Fingers crossed its our BFP mpnth image
    Am so tempted to test with a FR but scared of a BFN lol
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