Strange Discharge! :S

Ok Its one thing after another!
woke up this morning and noticed some white discharge when i went to the toilet :S sori for TMI but it did smell abit too!!! :S.....
i havnt bled once since my ERPC 3 weeks ago.. i have been BDing since the Op only 2 3 times a week though so im not sure if its anything 2 do with that! still waiting for AF image can anyone please tell me if theyve had any discharge since there misscariage/ERPC???
Thanks Ladies.. And sorry again for TMI!!!
Claire xxxx


  • Hi Claire, white discharge could just be normal cervical mucus which would be a good sign that your body is getting back to normal, however if it is a bit smelly you might have an infection so it might be worth a trip to your GP just to get it checked out.

  • yeah might just do that image thanks hun xx
  • I would ring your GP I agree with Jacquid! Good luck hope its all fine
  • hey, i agree with the others and would check with ur gp, an infection is the most likely cause. xx
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