Is this a feint line?

Hi girls,

Haven't been on here much as i've been concentrating on charting my temps, etc.

I'm 9dpo and i did a test with fmu (although it was at 1pm as i didn't finish work till 4.30am)

Pic isn't great, but what do you reckon?



  • yes it is!! - sorry couldn't resist posting!

    dont' know if you saw my other post, do you have a bodycare by you?
    they have twin pack CBD for ??9.99 - get it in black and white!!
  • Hey

    I use the same ones and I would say yes.... but I've convinced myself with them before! In fact I know I'm not pregnant and was ordering more last night so just used the last one I had convincing myself my last AF wasn't heavy enough to be real... and if I'd really had believed I was preg then I swear I saw a line.

    Go get yourself a clearblue digital!

    And GOOD LUCK!!


  • I can see a line. Never used those tests so no idea but I can defo see a faint line. Good luck hun x
  • I can see a line too! Fingers crossed you've done it this month and good luck!

    I really don't like them tests though, were giving me false negatives before i had my mmc but i have a huge supply and refuse to buy anymore until there gone.
  • Thanks girls,
    I tested 2 days ago (not sure why as I didn't think I'd see anything) and there was definitely nothing there only the control line and then today there was this feint line when I went back to it 10 mins later.

    I'm going to keep testing every other day to see if it gets darker (af is due on 11th) and then I'll use a different test and I also have 1 cbd which I'll use at the time af would be late

  • Congrats lampiekat!! Hopefully I'll be joining you in DIM soon! xxx
  • Hey lampie, there is defiantely a faint line there...... I really hope this is your month... you deserve it xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Looks like a line to me hun, get yourself some FR & save your badboy CBD for when AF is late. xxx
  • Looks good to me too. let us know how u get on.

  • Ooooh! That is certainly a double line!!

    Don't forget those cheap tests are not that great at giving dark lines for ages.

    Put it this way, we use those tests in the NHS and if I was testing in the Health centre and had to give the result, I would be saying positive test - Pregnant!! image

    CONGRATULATIONS - Another world cup baby!!

    See you in DIM!!! xxxx

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  • Oh, that looks like a line to me. I was wondering about you the other day and how things are getting on since you were on YAYW and the other site, and DIN before your unfortunate loss.

    Come back and update us when you use your CBD, but in the meantime, congratulations and lots of sticky baby dust xx
  • As i'm only 10dpo today i'm going to try not to get too excited at moment incase it doesn't stick or they were evap lines or something but i really hope it is. AF is supposed to be due on the 11th and so i'll leave my CBD till after then.
    Good luck for everyone else due to test soon xx
  • I keep saying i'm not going to test for a few days but i keep testing!!

    Here's a pic of all tests...

    Top test - 9DPO
    Middle test 10DPO (was feinter so got me worried)
    Bottom 2 tests - 11DPO (today)

    I so hope this is going to get better and it's not going to end up as a chemical pregnancy!!
  • Looks like they're getting stronger sweetie image I would wait a while before getting a CBD as they're not so sensitive and are famous for worrying people unessesarily.

  • Thanks Rainbow.

    Yeah i have one stored away and will not use it until i was actually going to test on 15th July as AF is supposed to be due on the 11th.
  • Looking good defo getting darker. Can I update you as a BFP on the world cup thread or are you waiting a while?
  • 3054 - if we could wait till i know i'm atleast late for my af which is a week away. Don't want to jinx anything xx
  • No problem I will wait to see your announcement!!!!! I will whispher congratulations x
  • Well here are the last 3 days of tests and you can see the bottom one which was this mornings is even darker (even though my camera is rubbish at taking close up shots but you can still see)

  • omg! thats defo a dark line lol
    congrats ! x
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