Lets get to know eachother again...

There's sadly quite a few newbies in this forum & alot have happily migrated to pg & some of us are still here hopefully for not to much longer though!!!

Thought it would be nice to do another get to know eachother as theres a few of us here.

Im Laura im 29 my oh is 31 we live in London & we have sadly had 3 mc in the past year we are waiting test results for RM & hope to start ttc again very soon!!! xx


  • Good idea!

    I'm Sara and I'm 32. Hubby is 33. I teach (for my sins) and hubby does something or other with computers. I had a partial molar pregnancy which ended in an erpc at the end of September. Just waiting to do my next set of hCG tests, and then we will be back on the ttc horse.
  • I'm 28, hubby's 30. we live in Essex. we were ttc'ing 8months for first baby when we got pg. MC'd 2 1/2 months ago at 8 weeks. on 2nd month with shiny new cbfm trying again now. so the only baby we have for now is the cutey pie in my avatar pic. I'm a vet and hubby works in finance for NHS. hey maybe it's his fault your blood tests are taking so long Laura... ;\)

    (he's looking over my shoulder claiming no lab delays at whipps)
  • What a nice thread!

    I'm rainbow ( sorry that's all you're getting for now! image ) I'm 26 and a social worker (please don't shoot me :lol: ) DH is 26 too and a teacher. This was my first pregnancy, but hopefully not my last.

    Looking forward to catching up with you all


  • LOL Gem can he find out whats taking my hosp so long LOL!!!! Rainbow nothing wrong with being a social worker you'll do a great job (have friends that do it too).

    We work in shipping but I was made redundant earlier this year & have to say I dont miss it but would like to be able to find another job hopefully in the new year now!!! xx
  • I'm Rachel, I'm 31 and am a family law solicitor. Hubby also 31 and is a civil engineer. We live in liverpool but I'm originally from essex.

    I got bfp on my 2nd cycle with my cbfm but sadly had an ectopic pregnancy in September which took 8 weeks to resolve itself. Luckily cycles got back to normal straight away. We gave to wait until January to ttc again because of the treatment I had. Can't wait but terrified at same time x x
  • I am breighlin, a nickname I have for years. image I am 24 (still, birthday is on the 25th) and my husband is 28. We got married last year when I was three months pregnant with Michael. I was blissfully happy, even though we had had no scans, told everyone at 5 weeks etc. Since I grew up a bit. Michael was born 6 weeks premature. We stopped using protection when he was about 10 weeks and by the time he was 18 weeks I had another bfp. We did not tell anyone, kept it our secret and unfortunately our 12 week scan showed that Sam stopped growing at about 8 weeks.

    We are already back on track with ttc, al though I am not hoping that we will fall pregnant anytime soon. I hope somewhere in january or february. Earlier would be nice, but I resigned to the fact it will take at least three months

    I am still on mat leave from my company (accounting assistent) but will be made redundant when I return. Not major because I know since march 2008 and by the time I will be redundant it will be may 2010. I will not get back to work till child(ren) are in school.
  • I'm Emma and I'm 35 and have a little boy aged nearly 19 months. My OH works in education and we live just outside London. I had a mc at 6 weeks last week but got pregnant in my 3rd month using CBFM so hoping to start ttc again in the new year and that it will happen quickly again and be a sticky one!
  • This was a great idea Laura and I hope your tests come back normal.

    My name is Larissa and I live in the US. I am 22 and hubby is 27. I am currently going to school for nursing and hubby is the manager at a local AT&T. We have a 2 year old son(will be 3 in February) and we lost our 2nd to mmc in April. I had only known I was pregnant for 5 days when I lost it, but it was still devistating. We have been trying for another ever since. I am currently using the SMEP and am praying that it works.
  • My name is Jodie, i am 28 (for another 6ish weeks) and my OH is also 28 (we have the same date of birth - yes wierd i know!) we have been together nearly 11 years (we met celebrating our 18th Birthdays) and we have been engaged for 6 of them. We have a beautiful 2 year old son who keeps us busy!

    I had a MMC found at my 12 1/2 week scan and had an ERPC on 4th sept. Really really hoping this month will be lucky for us!! (for us all on here!!)
  • love this idea!!
    hello ladies im Kari, im 27yrs old my OH is 33yrs old we live in wisconsin u.s. we have 2 beautiful children, a 8yr. girl and a 2 yr old boy(who keeps us very busy). we lost our baby at 8+4 on oct.22 due to a partial molar preg. we have been given the ok to start ttc(yeaa) hope to get a BFP right away as i have gotten preg. right away with both of the other children. i do however have myself braced for a wait this time. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!!!

    larrisa what state do you live in?
  • Hey, this is a fab idea laujai.

    I'm Emily, 26 and DH is 33. Been ttc our first baby since Maythis year and got BFP on cycle 4. We were over the moon but I had a mc at 6+4. Passed it naturally and have been ttc since. Have had one af since mc and am due af tomorrow. DOne some tests but all BFN so far so think we'll be moving onto cycle 3 since mc image However, we started using the CBFM last month and am loving it! Deperate to be pg again...

    All the best to you lovely ladies and thanks for your support xx
  • Hi Laura

    This is a great thread, thank-you image

    I'm Lynn, 37, and I'm an interior designer and my OH is also 37, and has something to do with the dotcom industry! We've been together for almost 19 years and have been ttc for a total of 17 months. We got lucky once in June, but sadly had an anembryonic pg, which was only detected at the 11 wk scan. I'd had no hint anything was wrong, had all the pg symptoms, so came as something of a shock. Have been back on the ttc wagon for 3 months now with new CBFM and we're hopeful of getting some good news in the new year (fingers and toes crossed!)

    Wishing all you lovely ladies lots and lots of babydust and many BFP's to come x x x

  • Hello!......Im Lee,im 26 my DH is 36....been married nearly 4 months,i work as a haudrolic engineer and DH is and insurance claims manager

    We've had 4 MMC in 13 months,last one was a week ago at 7 weeks

    ive lost babies at 10+4 9+7 and 7+4

    Me and DH have decided to take a year off from trying to have a baby and let my body as well as our minds recover and just enjoy the year as newlyweds and do all the stuff we wanted to do

    The doctors are looking into Hughes syndrome as i have Epilepsy too.i do have to say the last mmc has hit me really hard.

    Im so sad at losing my babies but ive been blessed with having them with me even for a short time and loving them

    Me and DH have ordered 4 angel candle holders that hold little tea light and on the date we lost a little bean we are going to light the candle for the angel we've assigned to the bean and on xmas or out birthdays we will light them all.....i think it will be a nice little reminder for us

    I wish you all the luck in the world with your TTC journeys

  • oohh i love these! Rainbow i work for Social Service so we can be shot together! image

    I'm 24 DH is 28 and we live at the far end of cornwall!, i came off the pill april 08 on a lets see what happens basis but started ttc seriously in april 09 with my cbfm and got a bfp when i was 6 weeks first cycle! had 3 early scans and saw hb at 6 & 7 weeks but sadly had a mmc found at our 12 weeks scan and i had medical management. (not sure it was the right choice!) have now been ttc again for 4 months but only on 3 rd cycle as the 1st one after my mc took 8 weeks! and due to OV any day! so really reallt hoping to get an xmas bfp! we're ttc our first. xx
  • hey there im roisin, im 37 trying for my last littlun.my oh is a secondary school teacher.im off work(what work these days)i used to do lab work.now i train children in drama etc.so ive been a sahm for a few years.ive had two mmcs in last 12 months.ive three kids 17,10.and 8and a half.had my kids young but id dearly love my little full stop now that im a big grown up.hope we all have happy news soonxxxxxx
  • hello ladies,

    I'm 31 and used to be PA within finance but made redundant earlier this year. Oh is 32 and accountant and we have a wonderful 14month old girl. Was hoping to return to work but it's tough out there and oh think I might as well stay home to have 2nd one which is great, but like working as I like shopping image so we'll see whichever one happens first wins.

    I used to be in ttc group after unplanned pg, which then turned out to be early mc in Nov.

    Baby dust to everyone!

  • Wow Sara I would love to speak makaton! I tried to teach myself last year as there was an autistic boy in my class (reception) who had English as his second language (his language acquisition in his first language wasn;t that hot either) and he seemed to pick up on the little makaton i knew (thank you and toilet!) But I found it well hard. Feeling very jealous of your skill now!
  • Lovely thread.

    Hi everyone, my name is Lottie, I am 30, husband is 39 and we have a 23 month old called Neve. I am a stay at home mum (used to work in Finance - yaaawn!) we live in Devon.

    We started trying again in Dec 08 and fell very quickly however found out at 12+5 that we had had a mmc, had an ERPC and fell pg again in September but mc'd again at about 5/6 weeks.

    Am currently 7 weeks pg with what we are so desperately hoping will be a brother or sister for Neve and holding our breaths until our early scan in a week or so. Am still hanging around here because I will miss the ladies on the Jingle Bells and other "lucky" threads too much to leave!


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  • This is a cool thread although everyone's stories are so sad. I'm so nosey though - I particularly love reading about all your jobs!

    I'm 33 and work in the media (I'm a press officer). Have a beatiful 21-month old son. I've had two mmcs - my first pg in April 07; and my third pg in Sept 09. I'm hoping the fourth pg will work out well for us.

  • So nice to get to get know everyone although I wish not under these circumstances!!

    Nice to meet you all & babydust to all xxx
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