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Finally, Some Answers!

6 weeks and 1 day after mc i finally have some answers!

So, here is the theory...i had a mc at 6 weeks but not all of it passed completely, then, as i have a "good environment" (apparently) the little bit that was left continued to grow as an "abnormal" group of cells (which was the "sac" that they saw) and as they were from a pregnancy they gave out HCG which is why the blood results have been high and i've still been getting BFP', thankfully it seems that my body has passed whatever was there as todays scan showed no "sac" and my hormone levels are 170 which is the lowest they have been throughout all seems that things are slowly getting back to normal and the doctor has said that they don't need to see me again image yayyyyyyy!!!

I just have to phone in 2 weeks time with the results from a pregnancy test :\) x


  • Hi hun,
    Am so pleased you finally have some answers and can start to look to the future.

    Sounds like your body has been hanging on (bit like mine) and the fact that they described it as a 'good environment' has got to be a positive thing huni.

    Sending you hugs, you deserve them for everything you have been through xxx
  • yeah it's kinda strange to try and take something positive from this lol x
  • Glad that you have some closure hun it's horrible when it drags on for so long xx
  • Aww glad you finally got some good news sweetie, and as Mrs H said, having a 'good environment' is a good thing for next time around image

  • that must be such a relief! glad you finally know! x
  • Really glad you now have some answers, its just a shame it has taken so long.
  • Thank goodness for that!

    What a relief and how fascinating. The body really is quite amazing.

    I'm pleased for you that you can finally move on and get back to normal! xxx
  • its strange to say it, but thats good news! hopefully now you can begin to think about moving forwards xxx
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