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As many of you probably know I have posted on her before.
Following my ERPC 6 weeks ago I had my first AF on Sunday 4th. (It wasn't very heavy) and lasted for 4 days. I then had nothing for 4 days and then had what I can only describe as (sorry) a brown discharge for the last 3 days.

Previously my AF would last for about 4 days and then nothing....... SHOULD I BE WORRIED???? Or is this a sign of early OVing because I really dont know how long my cycles are going to be this time around (normally they were on average 29 days)

Because of this I haven't managed to do any BDing but am anticipating that OV should be on Saturday (17th) (another problem because hubby is on nights this week and I have left for work befor he gets up so no morning action)

I really want to be lucky this month but its looking unlikely.... Any Ideas????:\?


  • Im sorry I have no words of wisdom for you. I have discovered that our bodies can be very inpredicable after ERPC. I had first af exactly 28 days after mine and thought that was great. Im now on cd30 and no sign of her. Im not even sure if I ov'd this month and am so confused myself.
    I would just advise you to bd whenever you can as you may ov at a totally random time.

    Good luck xx
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