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Why can't I get pregnant again?



  • 8 years on since dd1 was born n had ruptured ectopic 4 mths later and still trying for baby no3..beginning to think its just not happening..
  • Hi ladies im new to this forum first of all let me just start off by saying how sorry iam for your losses i know exactly how u ladies are feeling. I myself had a mmc on april/ recently i was about 17 wks nd i started bleeding when i went into the er had an ultrasound done dr. Said there was no heartbeat nd bby was measuring 14 wks nd 5 days. Worse day of my life Having to give birth to my bby nd not being able to bring him home i was left empty handed angry confuse my ob was a jerk  let me just say that the both hospitals that attended me really didnt care bout my pregnancy i felt very negleted. During the whole process. Till this day i still havent gotten any results from the pathology.  Ive called there office nd they claim they still havent recieved them which i believe is b...s   I honestly dont think he ran any test on my bby ...Anyway so moving along i switched to another ob nd hes planning to do blood work to see if i have any factors that would cause miscarriage i was suprised that he was willling to run test on me as ive heard that u would have to have 3 mc to have testing done. Which i totally feel we shouldnt have to suffer more mc just to find out what causing them. . Well we back o ttcing not trying but not preventing actually nd still havent gotten pregnant even tho my ob said wait 3 cycles i dont understand why they make us wait so long even tho its not happening.. Im starting to feel as if im never going to get pregnant again im loosin hope

  • hi ellie just read your email i see it was posted in 2010 so i hope things have moved forward . i can relate to what u wrote. i too concieved my first last october 2014 i lost it at 10 weeks at 40 years . i had a terrible miscarrage and i havent concieved since and its very distressing as im nearly 42 in dec. so i feel time is of essence. i concived two months of trying i was surprised. now 8 months and nothing . let me know if you have managed to. poppy12

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