OPKs or CBFM which is more reliable???

Right on third cycle since mmc and really hoped that this month would be straight forward; however i am a little confused. Prior to mmc I had very irregular cycles and only appeared to ovulate every other month. Since mmc I have had two 30 day cycles - so expect to ovulate any time now (currently on cd17). CBFM turned to high yesterday and was still high today. Last month I just had 8 highs and it never peaked. I have been using OPKs since cd10 and got some positives on cd10 and 12 but negatives since. Very confused! BBT are still low and have not indicated that I have ovulated. What do you all think????


  • erm.. well the peak on you0r cbfm is usually ov but the first month it doesn't always inidcate it... and if u think u only ov every other month maybe last month you didn't which i why u only got a high... i find noraml opk's v diff to read unless you use the digita ones xxx
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