Cheap OPK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I know I was suppossed to take some time out...... but just had to get this one out. I have had a horrid time since my MC in Feb, I am 7 weeks on tomorrow and am still bleeding on and off....... Not sure if I hae AF or not. As a result I decided to use OPK to try and work out my cycle. I got the SD OPK as they were buy one get one free, for almost three weeks now I hae been getting positive results, I've been scaring myself silly, checking the internet as to why, I thought I may have PCOS and convinced myself that due to my prolonged bleeding and these positive tests that somthing was seriously wrong and I would struggle to get pregnant again....... this past week I have made myself really ill, worrying about everything, silly I know but I just wanted answers. I went to GP and had lots of bloods taken, waiting for the results.......

However today I decided to bite the bullet and pay the 22 pound for the clearblue digital OK, it came back negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I was so relived, no lines to try and work out, just a clear empty circle Yea, there is nothing wrong with me. Just have to keep testing now until I get my real positie result................... I will never buy cheap tests again, they have caused me so much worry.

Hope everyone has been ok, I managed to stay awy for a whole week......... just proves how much help this site is x:\)


  • Hey, just wanted to say that at least you finally know and i can understand what a relief that can be! the internet can be very worrying! and i also totally agree about cheap tests! i use a cbfm and FR HPT's only, xxx
  • whats the best OPK??? i saw the clearblue one on tc advert but its that the one with the sticks you pee on?? im so confused..i want to get an ovulation kit but dont know which one is best??? x
  • I got the CB digital, it is so clear, there are no lines to second guess, it comes up with a smiley face for a positive result. They are expensie but very good.
  • is it just the one test??? and how do you know when to take it??
    i was going to get a clearblue fertility monitor... really expensive but people said its worth the money...
  • You get seven test sticks with it, its up to you when you start testing really, For my first cycle I am going to test every day, so that I don't miss anything, if you have a regular cycle you could test eery other day until you reach around your OV day and then test every day so you get your smiley face. It is really easy to use, however at 20 pound a time you may be better getting a CBFM as you will soon spend 100 if you use them for a few months. Hope this helps.
  • think Im going to have to invest soon - I really can not get the hang of cheap OPK's.

    thanks for the info - will see if AF arrives in the next few days (hopefully not!), if so then Ill get myself down to boots

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