just got back from the doctors...

ok so as it says in my utha post i am going docs at 5, im going to do a hpt b4 i go so i can tell the doctor what the result is. i have saved my fmu so gunna do one with that and a fresh one. i wanna no b4 i do it if it comes up with a line could that mean i still have my bean or could it just be that i still have hormones left inside me? just wan ask b4 i do it so i dnt get my hopes up depending on result xxxx

done a test with fmu, it is faint but there is a definatley a line there, not sure what this could mean but atleast i can ask my gp now. how wierd just as i did it the phone rang and it was the midwife trying to book me in 4 my 1st appointment, explained the situation to her and told her i would get back in touch.

just got back from the doctors.....
i have to go for an internal scan on saturday at 11. not really sure what to expect, any1 had 1 b4??? xxx

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  • Hunny I know this isn't going to be any help what so ever because I think it could mean either. I asked the midwife that exact question yesterday and that was her answer

    Good luck, let us know how you get on


  • What sort of test was it hun? How do you feel??

    I am so hoping the fact there is a line there is good news

  • i did a superdrug test hun xxx
  • Hi Sally, i just replied on my thread to you about what to expect from an internal scan.

    The only bit i forgot to say is that they may do a blood test to check hormone levels, i've got to do a pg test this week to check they've dropped even more. If i still get a faint line then i'll have to go back to hospital to have another blood test and maybe another scan as there could be something up inside.
  • thanks lampiekat i just read ur reply, i just need to no its all over for sure and i need proof so i can move forward. i hope i can then draw a line under all this and find the courage to ttc again xx
  • the internal isn't painful at all, just uncomfortable...i had that many in jan/feb that i just became numb to it all in the end...

    hope things are ok for you hun... x
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