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Had my first set of hCG results - it's good news!

HI girls

Well I'm back from my visit to my mums. It was so good to get away - some space really helped me sort some things out in my head.

I had my first set of hCG results back. My blood is 0 and my urine is 6 - both classed as 'normal' levels. I can't explain just how pleased and relieved we both are. It means that I won't need to have fortnightly blood tests, just monthly urine tests until May 2010.

I did some really hard thinking whilst at mums. I have thought through everything and feel that I can't give up on wanting a baby. So many women loose a bean for whatever reason, and then go on to have happy healthy children. I think I felt out of control last week as so many medical people were telling me different things. I felt confused and scared and cos I didn't know what my hCG levels were I was of course imagining the worst case scenario all the time.

When I got my results back I had a good chat with the Charing Cross lady who wasn't at all fazed by the fact that I told her we were considering ttc before the end of follow up. This bit will interest Gussie - she said that the follow up period used to be a year, now it is 6 months and she thinks that in the next couple of years it will come down to 3 months. That was very reassuring as one of the things that I found distressing and confusing was that when you speak to other molar pg ladies from around the world you find that there is no world wide consensus on when it is safe to ttc again.

So because of my good results and cos of my chat with the lady, hubby is happy for us to start ttc again as long as my next test results come back normal as well. So we will be able to start ttc during December - hooray!!

Thank you all so much for your kind words last week. I feel a bit of a banana now - I can't believe I ranted on so much. :roll: But I suppose that having a blip now and then is part and parcel of the recovery process.

Big internet kisses to you all. xxxxxxx Sara


  • YAY! ace news hun and you're not a banana at all! xxx
  • yea!!! see hun i told you to hang in there it would work out! i know exactly how releived you are i was in that exact same boat waiting for my levels! i am very happy for you hun!!!
  • hooray, am very pleased for you babe. Was thinking of you today, and nearly did an FAO post to see how you were, but i couldn't remember how long you'd been at your mums.

    glad to hear you sounding so much happier. I think you'll be a fab mum, and you have little beans out there waiting for you. it's nice to have you back

  • Ah thanks girls......I'm welling up........ ;\)
  • I am sure the next lot will just be as good. image Just think about it this way, if your levels stay low for the next month, you already had a three month wait and if they want to reduce the waiting time to 3 months, you already had them. image

    I hope you feel a bit better knowing that the results are good.
  • Luvvie this is fantastic news!!! Goodluck with the TTC in dec!!!!!
  • I'm so so pleased for you M&S and must be so so nice knowing you can start ttc again. You deserve a humungous BFP for Christmas! x x x
  • That's great news hun, so glad your feeling more positive.
  • LOL at humungous bfp MP - I just imagined m+s holding a giant hpt stick!
  • Would a humungous bfp be anything like those big lottery checks?? That would be highly amusing!!
  • Oh yes, that's exactly it! And you have to wear a special outfit and a sparkley hat so we all know but nobody else will be able to figure it out except Mr M&S! x x
  • I know just the outfilt...........

  • Glad your feeling better now hun xx Good news on the tests too I'm sure you'll be BDIng in no timexx
  • Fantastic news hun!! Good luck for that BFP soon! xx
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