Do Any Of You Believe...

Hey image
Ive been looking online at some ways of concieving and came across two things ive never heard before and was wondering if any of you beleve these:

1. after sex do not stand up for at least half an hour.. lie flat on your back
2. do not go to the toilet straight after sex....

there very random but could be true!!
Also...a few hours .after having sex it seems that i have to run to the toilet cos i feel like im leaking loads!! i have an increase of CM that seems to come out suddenly???!! sorry tmi!!! does anyone else seem to have this problem???

Claire xx


  • Thats not CM yummy mummy, well not all of it! Its semen from your OH, the stuff his swimmers swim in, Happens to us all, dont worry! As for lying down, lot of ladies do but the important SPERM is already making it's way, semen is whats left and comes out. Hope this helps a bit x x
  • i fort it was semen but it looks like CM just more watery!! lol! i get worried that all the sperm is coming out!! ha! thanks hun image im gunna listen to these tales anyways cos it may help! lol xxx
  • haha i think we all do too!! Good luck image xx
  • When conceiving our lo I was getting up to get to the toilet straight away. And we did it in the first month. (we started on cd 16 so thought I was safe for that month, we were trying, just wanted the trying to take longer)

    All the other times we bd just before bed and I fall asleep after. All the stuff comes out in the morning and to be honest I don't look how it looks :P It is just before bed is the only time we got with a lo already here. So I guess I am laying down for half an hour now.
  • We usually BD before bed and i always need the loo afterwards but when we are trying for a baby I ALWAYS make sure i dont get up for the loo and usually fall asleep and then get up later on in the night. I do think that if you stay fairly still and dont get up you've got more chance of OHs little men reaching their desired destination LOL!!!!

  • Lol!!! desired destination! i love it haha! yeah me and OH usually BD before bed and then fall asleep but sumtyms... very rarely may i add... we BD in morning before we get up for work so therefore im not lying back down after! thanks for all comments ladies image xx
  • That's actuallt the only thing I did different this month, though it could all be coincedence, instead of keeping my legs up for 5 mins then running (yes running :lol: ) to the loo, I kept my legs up against the wall for a while then just shimmied down into bed and fell asleep xx
  • I lay on my back for a little bit after, like a lot of you we bd in bed and then i turn on my side and go to sleep.

    Another good thing is to make sure that you orgasm after your man has shot his load as it helps suck his swimmers up quicker.

    I probably haven't said that in the best way lol but i'm sure you catch my drift!!

  • Morning girlies, great topic Clare!!

    lol @ shot his load Kat... (I am so childish!!)

    I pretty much do those things too, pillow under the bum, lay still, don't get up to loo etc, sometimes fall asleep like it (lovely!) etc...

    Does anyone else do the pillow under the hips/bum trick?? We have got it down to a fine 'art' now xx
  • Hi, last time I laid down for at least half an hour with my legs up, pillow under me bum, it did the trick before, so will def be doing this again! Zxx
  • ooooo legs up and pillow under the bum!! lol right im doing that tonight!! haha. glad im not the only one running to the loo iswel! lol xx
  • Hiya ladies,

    Loving the topic claire. I heard something similar the other day about putting ure hands under ure bum and holding ure legs up and I really didnt believe it.

    Im a runner, get up and go straight to the toilet. I may have to try these new tips. Here's to some positive news for us all soon now we'll all be taking claires tips on.

  • Ha! Ha! Ha!, make sure you use his pillow!!! :lol:
  • i will do spikesma!!! as soon as i can get him away from the footi on tele!!! if theres any other tips please throw them this way pleasse!! lol. baby dust all round! image xxxx
  • lol @ spikesma!!!!

    We have a 'special' pillow for that!! lol

    MrsH xx
  • Lol Mrs H - we have a special pillow for that too!!!

    Also my DH insists on me trying as close to a head stand as I can do with a bit of cycling in the air - if that makes sense!! Has us in absoltue stitches although hasn't worked yet!! I think he read it somewhere....

  • Snap debbie!

    do you have a special name for it??!!

    love that your hubs insists on the headstand/bicyling!!

  • i would get some right looks from my partner if i dun that haha!!! done the legs in aiir and pillow under bum ths morning lol!! stll got some weird looks doing that! xx
  • The month I got pg after 13 months of ttc I lay with my legs against the wall with a pillow under my bum for 20 mins!! Hope it works for you!!!
  • lol well i will try anything iv come across!!! image
    a lady at work 2day told me that she concieved the first time she tried man behind the women position or as most people no doggy style!! lol!! i actuali couldnt stop larfing when she said cos she truly beleves thats how she got pregnant!!
    maybe some more doggy positions for me then lol
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