I have got a BFN!!

I never thought I would be happy to get a negative test but I am as it means hopefully my body will return to normal soon, and we can start trying again!
Is anyone scared to be pregnant again in case it happens again? I can't stop worrying about having another MC! I asked at my epac if they give early scans to women who have mc'd previously, but she said no??!! So I think next time I would pay for a private scan at about 7/8 weeks as I couldn't bear to think
I'm progressing but to find out that the baby died a few weeks before cos that broke my heart this time! :cry:

I just hope my period doesn't take too long to get here!!

Hope you ladies are all ok
Charlotte xxxxxxxx


  • Woohoo its great to get it isnt it even if it is a little strange.

    Yes I am terrified, so much so I have thought about not ttc again but changed my mind.
    As for getting scanned early I think my doc will send me for one but that wont help put my mind at ease as baby only died a day or 2 before our scan @ 9 weeks. The doc who scanned me said everything looked great untill whatever happened, happened (this did upset me).

    It will be hard but we will have healthy pregnancies again xxx
  • Hi hun,

    It's really bizzare isn't it to be hoping for a BFN. I found it quite sad when i got mine, like that was it, all over image

    But at least now you can move forward and look forward to ttc again. I am very nervous about being pg again. I worry that i'm one of the unlucky ladies who has recurrent mc's and even worse will never be able to carry a baby etc. It scares me to death and OH worries about me all the time, bless him!

    We also considered waiting before trying again but i can't. I really want my baby so we've just gone for it and hoped for the best!

    Good luck hun!
  • Hi ladies....
    I feel in exactly the same boat at the moment. i had an ERPC exactly 3 weeks ago today. It was my first pregnancy and found out at my first dating scan that Smartie's heart had stopped beating at around 9 weeks ( I should have been 12+3)
    This morning i I got my BFN. In a way I was quite relieved to see it as I feel that now my body is ready to start again.
    This scares the HELL out of me as now I dont know when to start to try again because I have heard that if you catch straight away there is a chance that your body wont be ready as the lining is too thin?????

  • Just been brave and done a test - its only a week today after my ERPC after mmc - I am exactly the same dates as shelley- had scan at 12+3 but baby's heart had stopped at 9weeks.
    I got a very very faint positive. I am still bleeding a very little bit so we won't be ttc yet anway- although still not sure whether to ttc staright away and benefit from being 'super fertile'after miscarriae or whether to wait for first AF incase womb lining is not thick enough due to erpc. Just don't know what to do
  • Hiya
    - Sparkles - I have read that you are more fertile for up to 3months after mc. Just thought i'd let you know so you have more time to relax and recover.

    CJG - I was told to test on Monday which will be 11days after mc started. Really not looking forward to it, feels wrong wanting a BFN?

    We have had bd this morning, first time since i got BFP nearly 6 weeks ago now. We had started to have test of rinfertility etc on NHS but I dont know where we stand now that we have technically been pg once? Will we have to wait another year??? H x
  • I'm not sure about that Mrsallen, i think you probably need to speak to your gp. I think it would be really unfair of them to stop testing now but you never know with the NHS.

    I also heard you're more fertile up to 3 months after sparkles, so don't rush into things if you're not 100%. In a way i feel quite relieved that we never caught in the first month just for the worry i would have felt, but that was my personal feeling and i think ttc after mc is such an individual experience so whatever you feel ready for.

    Good luck and babydust to us all!
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