Hi ladies, introducing myself!

Hi ladies, i miscarried my jelly bean on 23rd Oct at 4+4. It was a surprise bfp as my youngest dd was just over 6 months old and also my 4th lo. My hubs and i are devastated and we've decided to ttc no5. So here i am! We've decided to wait 1 cycle so once af arrives we'll be officially ttc! Is anyone else really struggling? I know I'm very lucky to have 4 lovely lo's, but trying to act normal is killing me! Hope all you ladies are well and get your bfp very soon x


  • Hello [email protected]

    Im so sorry to hear of your loss hun. It is very hard to deal with & I would say all of us have struggled with our emotions & still do have up & down days. Give yourself the time you need to greive for you loss & be kind to eachother with lots of cuddles, it does get easier even though it doesnt feel like it yet.

    We are ttc our 1st but have put ttc on hold for a bit as we suffered our 3rd mc at the end of aug, we have been ttc for a year noe & are undergoing tests at the recurrent mc clinic so once we get the all clear from them or the help & advice we need for a sticky bean then we will be staring again!!.

    Sending you lots of hugs, take care & hope that af doesnt take to long to arrive so you can started again as soon as you feel ready xxx

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  • welcome rach, nice to meet you, just sorry we have to meet in here.

    know what you mean about trying to act normally. I find it really hard at work to get on as normal. I think people think it'll upset me, so no-one at work has mentioned MC to me since it happened. (I have a job involving x-rays so had to tell a few people there much earlier than would have otherwise MC'd at 8 weeks). I think you just have to make sure with your family and friends or us girls in here you have people who you can just let out all the frustration and sadness with. That will help you cope the rest of the time.

  • HI Rach, so sorry to hear you have to join us.

    I think we all struggle to act normally - I just try to take each day as it comes. I had some time off work and went back last week - it has helped a bit but as I teach in primary schools I see a lot of little babies and pregnant ladies, so it has been a mixed blessing. But I thought, the longer I squirrel myself away, the longer it will take me to get over it. So perhaps acting normally is the best medicine for something like this (sorry, rambling a bit now).

    Everyone here is so supportive and lovely. We all have our moments but on the whole we are a very positive bunch, so welcome!

  • hey, i think we all struggle at moments on this site! I've just had my 2nd AF but 1st 'normal' one since my mmc in august and i'm impatient and fed up already! TTC our first which doesn't help! Everyone here is lovely! x
  • hello rach. nice to meet you! unfortunetly it has to be here.I mc/d&c on Oct 22 at 8+4 i know exactly what you mean by trying to act normal i think we all have our "good" days and our "bad". this is a wonderful group of ladies they have helped me loads!! me and my oh have also decided to ttc after af decides to come around,we have a 8yr girl and a 2yr boy and feel that we are still not complete without one more. good luck!! *hugs*
  • Hey, so sorry to hear of your loss. I agree with what the other girls have said. I had an ectopic last year and got a BFP on Mon but Im so bloody nervous!!

    Good luck for that BFP soon hun xx
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