when to do pregnancy test again??

just wondering when you would go to take a pregnancy test after a miscarriage? I've had one period since having my miscarriage but wondering when would i know when to test?


  • do you mean to check if you're pregnant?
    I'd do off the cycle you just had. i.e, how many days between the start of your mc and the first day of af?
    If it was 30, count 30 days from the first day of the af just gone and use that as a rough guide to when you'll be due next.
    Give it a couple of days from that and then i'd test.
    That's what i did and got a bfp but unfortunately that didnt last either.
    good luck x
  • Yep i'd do the same. Wait until the last day of your cycle when af would be due and do a test.

    Good luck hun
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