why isnt it me

i found out my mate is pregnant lastnight and her due date is the same as mine would have been if i didnt loose my bean, all i could do was cry about it. i have decided to get some councilling to help me through all this becuase iv got so much going on at the moment and can feel myself getting deeper and deeper into sadness. god i need to get a life!


  • Everything you are feeling is perfectly natural. My SIL had same edd as me and my fried as well. I cried when their babies arrived for me and them, my SIL already had one how was that fair. I felt like such a horribly person. You will move through it. Once you get past your edd it does get easier I promise, with any luck you will be pg by then again anyway. Coucelling is probably a good move for you. Best of luck honey hope you find that light soon xxx
  • Oh hun,
    I understand what you mean. I've got 3 friends that are due around the same time i should have been due and it is very upsetting.
    Sending you big hugs xx
  • i think once i have got this laparoscopy out of the way and i know if there is anything wrong with me then hopefully i can move forward.
    hope your both well xxxxx
  • Hope your Laroscopy goes well and gives you some answers.
    I'm thinking of going away to somewhere like Centre Parks when it would have been my due date. Hope fully i'll be pg again by then hence i chose centre parks rather than worrying whether i can fly or not etc and i can just relax in the spa image
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