waiting to OV then 2ww together!

Hi girls hope you are all well!

Im getting a thread started for loads of PMA and baby dust for ladies due to test end of Nov, Im on CD11 waiting to ovulate 2nd cycle after m/c. Thought I had caught first cycle after m/c but the nasty af was just hiding and came 3 days late. Took a couple of days to regain motivation but this month is going to be a lucky one. If I ov when I think I might then Ill be testing 21st November and not before!

Plan is loads of BDing every night leading upto ovulation, day of ov and the day after for good measure - this is what worked for me when I got my BFP so hubbys in for 7 days of action!

Anyone fancy keeping me company for the next 3 weeks or so!



  • hi
    I've just started to ov test after my mc. not sure of my cycle so on knickers watch and feel that its on its way. same as you with the bding. my hubby thinks he's in heaven as i 'm making sure its al least every two days at best every day. i fell on the first cycle first time so fingers crossed. i hope it all goes to plan with you.
    good luck
  • Thanks Kat, keep me updated with how you get on - Im hoping for a lucky thread!
  • Hi huni, the BDing plan sounds good. Really hope you get your deserved BFP this month. No early testing!!
  • Goodluck hun, I wont be joining you just yet im afraid but really hope you catch the lil eggy this cycle xxx
  • Hi DM and Laujai
    Got my peak on CBFM this morning was already late for work and oh was trying to get ready for work but I got so excited about getting my first peak we had a quickie! I really think facing Xmas will be a lot easier if Im pg as have to deal with pregnant SIl who is a nightmare and not very understanding about our loss! Fingers crossed and good luck to you all!
  • I'd really love to join you but I'm STILL waiting for ov or af or a sign that anything at all is happening since mc about 4 weeks ago. Hopefully I've been lucky enough to fall pg again straight away - who knows!
    Fingers crossed for you though, I'll be keeping an eye out for your bfp image x
  • I'd really love to join you but I'm STILL waiting for ov or af or a sign that anything at all is happening since mc about 4 weeks ago. Hopefully I've been lucky enough to fall pg again straight away - who knows!
    Fingers crossed for you though, I'll be keeping an eye out for your bfp image x
  • ah happy traveller, I didnt get my AF for 5 weeks after loss and not 100% that I ov's either, god maybe you are one of those mystical women that we all dream of being that gets pregnant before having AF - oh god I hope so xxx keep me updated!
  • Wishing you loads of baby dust and luck hun
    I just know you will get your BFP
  • Mrs C
    I hope you are ok, Im following your other post and hope you get some answers soon, keep positive and we are all here for you. X
  • Thanks hun
  • well done jls. i'm still on the testing path at the mo but the line is changing every day. havent tested yet today so fingers crossed. we've decided to keep bd regular just in case.
    heres hoping
  • hi jls
    just a quick note to say i got my bfp on the ov test today so i'm not far behind you. we are off to portugal for a week so i won't be about for a few days. lots of bding and then maybe we will both get what we are hoping for. have fun
  • HI JLS how you doing? Hope your having fun with BDing;\)
  • Hey JLS, I hope the BDing is going well and ur on ur way 2 that BFP!! xx
  • Hi girls

    I was so optomistic last week and was looking forward to a weekend of bding and then on Friday night by best friend who has helped me through my m/c so much phoned to tell me she was 8 weeks pregnant! My worls fell apart, this is the girl that I grown up with my daughters god mother and was chief bridesmaid my wedding, we see each other every day and are as close as 2 friends can be and she was amazing when I went through my loss, and now shes pregnant - I cant beleive it they wernt even trying and didnt even know if they wanted children. I hate feeling like this she my best friend in the world but I was physically sick when she told me - how can I possible be there for her through her pregnancy when I am so full of resentment at losing mine and cant bear to be in the same room as a pregnant person, so the bding didnt happen as I just cried all weekend which wasnt sexy or attractive as you can imagine....
    we bd'd 2 days before OV and the day before in the morning and fertility friend says good timimg but feel we didnt do enough, Im DPO3 today but honestly think Im out this month XXX sorry for rambling girls but the one person I spoke to about how I was feeling is now bloody pregnant, thats both sister in lawa a cousin, 3 girls that I work with and now my best mate theres no escaping it!!!!!!! XXXXX
  • Ahh hunny I know exactly how you feel, I just wanted to crawl up and die over the weekend but we had hubbys family coming over for a meal! His sister is 6 months pregnant with her second and I couldnt even bare looking at her.
    She talked all night about babys and all the time all I could think about was why me? Why do I have to loose my baby!
    I am surrounded by pregnant woman and I hate it!
    So I know how you feel hunny
    Try and get your PMA coz Ive got a feeling you are getting your BFP this month
  • Oh hun, sorry to hear your feeling this way!! Sending u a big hug!! I know how u feel and Im sure ur friend will understand how difficult this is for you. It will happen hun, I know its sometimes difficult to think this. Try and spend time with ur oh and treat urself. xx
  • Thanks ladies - you really do make me feel better, trying to stay positive this month that we did enough BD but its wavering! People who just get pregnant without trying and have happy pregnancies just cannot comprehend the hurt, resentment, jealousy, sorrow that we feel and every time I hear another family member or friend get pregnant it seems to put me back a few weeks in my recovery - I dont know what I would do without this site!

    If I get BFN this month (which I am expecting) next month Im dedicating my life to TTC even if I then get a BFN at least I can be happy that I did all I can - as this month Im angry that I let a few opportunities pass by!

  • Oh huni that must have been tough for you. Even now it's hard for me to be around new babies and pregnant women I can only hope that it'll get easier for us both in time.

    Hope you find some PMA soon - even though you've not been BDing loads you seem to have hit the right time so don't write off this month yet!

    Big (((HUGS))) to you xx
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