Where The Hell Is She??

ok so it's been 6 months since my mc and AF has been pretty regular since then but this month she seems to have gone on holiday? i know i'm not pregnant as we haven't had sex for a long long time, possibly 4/5 months and have had regular AFs since then so there's no point in me doing a pregnancy test.

i'm 2-3 weeks late with not even a little sign she's going to arrive anytime soon?? i've been trying to get a dr's appointment for a couple of weeks now but my days off are so random now i even found out i should have been off for an afternoon last week half an hour after i should have left so i just don't know what to do!! x


  • this is peculiar.. dont really have much advise to offer.. have you been stressed at all or changed something?

    get yourself to GP.. your work are obliged to give you paid time of for GP appointment.

    did you decide not to try for baby again, that you have not made love for 4-5 months?

    hope you get AF soon

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