Just need a little pick me up.....

Hi ladies..

I'm currently on my 2ww and I'm hating every second of it. Since this is my first cycle since mc at the end of May I really dont know where my body is with dates ect. According to my previous cycles pre pregnancy AF should be due next Saturday..Ive done BDing when I think I was OV ing but if that was accurate is anyones guess:\?

Not meaning to sound negative but I haven't had anything remotely like a symptom so really dont thnk I'll be getting my BFP this time:\(

I havent really spoken to DH about how I'm feeling because I dont want him to think that Iam desperate.... But Iam I really want my baby that we so deserve....
Any how sorry for the moan but I know that you lasies on here will understand how Im feeling



  • Hi Shelley, firstly sorry to hear of your mc. I had a mmc in March and have only just found out we are pregnant again. My cycles were a bit messed up after my ERPC ranging from 28 to about 32-33 days. The 2ww is awful isn't it, it just drags!! However, my ovulation happened earlier this time than usual, so it just goes to show, things don't always happen at the same time each month. Best of luck and I hope you get your BFP soon, sending you lots of sticky babydust! Zxx
  • Hi Shelley, so sorry for your loss xx You're not alone. The not knowing what your body is doing is so frustrating. My MC was at the start of July but I had bled for 2 weeks prev. Bleeding stopped on 7th July, but started again yesterday. I have no clue what is going on. Seems too early for AF, but who knows. Its so hard to think about anything else, and I completely understand not wanting to talk to OH, you just feel like a broken record. I spend a lot of time on this site reading other ladies stories and that gives me comfort and hope. One day at a time,eh. im sure we will all have what we hope for in the near future. Take care xxx
  • Hi hun, sorry for your mc. Worst feeling in world. There is light at end of tunnel. I have recently had mmc in may and then a 2ww, couldn't wait so tested at 9 dpo I found it so hard to wait. Keep positive him. Hope it's your turn for bfp image
  • Hi Shelley, sorry for you loss and I'm sorry you are feeling down. Wishing you all the luck in the world. I'm on my first 2ww and I know how frustrating it is. I too have been shielding my feelings from my DH. TTC is all I can think about, and I think I would scare him with how obssessed I'm becoming! Might be an idea to try and have a word with your DH, I'm sure he'd understand. Otherwise there is always this forum, which has become my saviour.

    Take care and lots of sticky babydust, Sioned
  • Hiya Shelley......you may well get BFP even without symptoms.....remember you got yourself up at 4am to BD.....I think you covered ovulation quite well so hopefully your'll be posting your BFP soon.....but I do understand how you feel....on the two week wait you are so desperate to find out and its all out of your control now....as a teacher and someone who likes to be in control of things I find that part hard to deal with and equally understand how easy it is to become obsessed by it and not wanting to tell OH about it! Thank god for BE forum!

    Sending you some PMA + babydust and a big hug xx
    Sue x
  • Hi hun,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss! I would really recommend talking to your partner. Like you i was so obsessed with ttc in my first cycle after mc and OH was working away during my 2ww so i just tested and tested and tested and i cried lots too! When he came home i just heat a peak and just broke down. He explained how he was desperate for a baby too, but obviously because there's not a lot they can do or feel on the 2ww they just kick back i suppose.

    It gets abit easier with the next cycle, or so i found, even though i didn't ov until cd29! But good things come to those who wait and i got my BFP.

    I really hope you don't have to wait long for your BFP but in the meantime keep communicating with each other, it makes it that bit easier!

    Good luck

  • Thank you all for your kind words.....
    As I really dont know if my body is back to normal I have bought some OV test strips for next month so at least I can plan accurately.
    Iam trying to stay positive really Iam but Iam a detective on a child protection unit in the police so am dealing with people who dont deserve kids all of the time and it seems so unfair...... It makes me soooo ANGRY!!!!!!
  • Shelley I know exactly how you feel....we have a few child protection cases at school and it makes me so mad, plus I have a neighbour that I can hear screaming and swearing at her poor child and I just think.....why did you have chidlren? and does she not know how lucky she is to have children?
    Anyway I don't think i'll be getting BFP this month as Ov'd (based on Ovulation pain and discharge) and not done enough BD'ing I don't think.
    Fingers crossed for you xx
  • Thanks Sue,
    You have been a great support for me...
    Maybe next month we will both get our BFP's
  • I know how you feel, i work in family planning and i get to see girls referred for terminations day in, day out! Some of them are there for their 2nd or 3rd. It used to make me so angry!

    The other day we had a girl in for a termination of an 18week old pregnancy, to make it worse her EDD would have been what mine was before i mc'd!

    I was so gutted and angry, i wanted to walk in there and slap her for being so selfish! This wasn't her first either which makes it a million time worse!

    People are just so selfish! USE A F*CKIN CONDOM or deal with it!


    That feels better!

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