bleeding again after 1st AF after D&C?? normal??

hi all---had my first AF after my D&C on the 22nd of Nov (sunday) then i stopped bleeding on 24th/25th...had no blood at thought AF was over--then yesterday the 30th of Nov ---i started bleeding again out of nowhere---just some red last nite and today more brownish (sorry TMI)
is this normal after a d&C??? anyone got any

p.s..had my d&c on the 29th of Oct...


  • I'm not really sure honey, I think every one is different. I think as long as you don't have pains or a large loss of blood you are fine. If you start getting a temperature or bad pains, go and see your GP.

    My own experience was that I had the erpc, bled lightly for about a day and a half, no bleeding for about 3 days, and then more light bleeding for about a week, which I think was my af (although it might have been more erpc bleeding).

  • thanks v.much for your reply Sara---yea i dont have any pains and no large loss of blood---just want to be back to
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