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We have been TTC for 1 and a half years now after a MC.

I just had 21 day bloods done and they were all fine....we got a home male fertility kit for my partner and did it last nite. It showed that his sperm count was lower that normal. He has an apointment at the hospital for a sperm test next we will se what result we get from that.

But, if there is a problem with his sperm, what can we do to improve it?

He wares boxer shorts, eats heathy, prob drinks a bit to much....but any advice would be great....


Also we have been refered to a fertility clinic, so if the problem is his sperm what will be done? What treatment?


cAz X


  • Hi caz - sorry to hear it has been so long ttc after your mc. That must be really hard for you. I pile in the avocado and spinach for my hubby's diet, he isn't drinking, and is taking zinc tablets.

    I googled and found this for you which might help:


  • Hia
    i bin ttc for 1 year now since mc but I have the opposite problem to you!! hubbys sperm is fine bt my 21 bloods came back as not ovulating. Had a scan week before last and I have a thin womb lining which is makin my periods all over the place!!
    I understand how hard fertility problems are on top of a miscarraige so if you ever wana talk bout it you know where i am!
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