I'm so scared!

Hello Ladies,

I'm new here! I had a missed miscarriage 5 weeks ago at 6 weeks and chose to let nature take its course and let the pregnancy come away naturally (after all it is a natural process and happens to loads of women and I am sick of been poked and proded by unsympathetic hospital staff), sadly after 5 weeks of waiting not all the tissue has come away and as a result I am being admitted to hospital tomorrow to have it removed as it is now starting to cause a lot of abdominal pain with no signs of going anywhere! I am so scared.

We are also desperate to try again after, but how long should I wait? Has anyone else concieved straight away and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? I was advised by the EPAU Clinic to wait for my cycle, but I am desperate to be a mum!

We are getting married next year and this pregnancy was totally unplanned, but now it's happened it's made both of us realise we want to be parents now and not after our wedding! I'm still taking folic acid and eating a healthy diet to try and keep me as healthy as possible and hoping we can concieve very quickly!

I am absolutely terrifed that I will misscarry again and don't know if I can go on the emotional rollercoaster again!


  • Hi there hun,

    So sorry your having to go through this my dear. it is indeed a scarey thing to happen. Women who have mc do go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies so your day will come!
    There is differing opinions about when to ttc after a mc, we opted to try as soon as the bleeding stopped aft the D+C.
    About miscarrying again...well.... i've had two mc and i'm determined the next time will be lucky for me... After having a mc, i reckon every pregnancy after it, will be full of worries...
    best of luck with the d+c.....


  • Thanks Shyro, yesterday wasnt as bad as I thought it would be! Just a waiting game now for the bleeding to stop I suppose.

    Hopefully next time will be lucky for us both. Everything happens for a reason!

    Love and Light

    E x
  • We tried as soon as the bleeding stopped. (which was three days after) Must say that we are now on cycle 6. Mine is not a happy story yet, but it will be soon. (I had a mmc in november and a chemical pregnancy in february and march)

    I have a little boy, so I know I can get pregnant and that I can carry a child to almost full term. (little boy was premature) Some days I wonder when it will happen cause I am desperate to get pregnant again. On the other hand, the wait allowed me to look for help for a depression, helped me come to understanding of why it happened and it helped me feeling more positive.

    I still feel terrible about the miscarriage and still sometimes wonder why it happened, but I know feel that I can handle a new pregnancy again and instead of being desperate I would like to get pregnant but won't mind trying a bit longer. (we kinda had fun last month whilst trying, rather than it turning into babydancing everytime)
  • Hey Emma,

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience image(

    I had m/c in December and opted for the d & c. I too was petrified the night before.

    Although it was a horrible reason to have something done it was totally painless, and the hospital staff were brilliant. I bled heavily afterwards for 1 day and it started to tail off. After 10 days I'd stopped spotting. I had my first period after 6 weeks.

    I was worried I'd not have one for months. My cycle has just got back to normal. I had a few short cycles and a long one.

    We haven't been trying as much as we should have so I can't comment on how quickly you can conceive again. But from everything I have read it's possible it cld happen quite quickly.

    I felt so much better after the d & c as I knew it had all been removed ( I had a blighted ovum m/c).

    I really hope you get on ok tomorrow. Xx
  • I've just seen you have had the procedure. I'm new on here too, didn't notice the dating on the message. Apols. X

  • Hi, so sorry to hear of your experience. I suffered a missed miscarriage a few months back now and have just had my first period since my op. I never thought I would say it, but its only just in the last week or so I have felt ready (emotionally) to try again. Physically I think I have healed pretty quick, thank god. Like you I thought I wouldn't want to try again, but time is a healer and you will feel ready to try, when your body tells you. Take care. Zxx
  • Thanks Ladies - it's nice to know that other people understand as a lot of my friends don't and I don't think my partner does either! He still doesn't know what to say to me.

    I guess it's just a waiting game for us all and my thoughts are with you all for positive tests soon!

    It's 6 weeks on Friday since my misscarriage was diagnosed but I opted for constructive management first without success, even though my experience of our local hospital is awful and once I am ready they will be getting a complaint! I feel like emotionally I have healed pretty well, it's the physical effects I'm still struggling with.

    Someone told me to look at is as mother natures way of taking something away that wasn't health and i have thought about it like that, it has helped alot.

    Thank you for all your kind and supportive words and good luck to you all!
  • emmaelc, i know exactly how you feel, i miscarried at 6 weeks and decided to let nature take its course but after 2 weeks i was still bleeding and a scan still showed the sac so i had to have a d&c on 9th April.
    Ours too wasn't planned and after years of being " Mrs no babies" it made us realise how much we wanted our baby.
    We've been together 10 years but only married for 5 months and since losing the baby it feels like there's something missing in our house.

    I too and desperate to try again, being pregnant was one of the happiest times of my life.
    I bleed for a week after the d&c and was told to expect AF 4-6 weeks after but it showed up this weekend after only 2.5 weeks since op.
    I am gutted as we started trying as soon as the bleeding stopped and was hoping it would happen again straight away but obviously my body wasn't ready just yet for another baby.
    It is hard, believe me, i still cry most days and i wish i could wind time up to when i will get another bfp but it does get easier.
    Not much advice i know but just wanted you to know that you're not alone. x
  • Hi srus,

    My heart goes out to you honey! I feel like my insides have been ripped out. I'm over the crying stage, I just keep asking myself why? I keep going over and over what could of cause it and all I keep coming back to is that is must not of being healthy!

    I think we are going to start trying again as soon as the bleeding stops and if it doesnt happen within the next 3 months then I will just have to wait until after our wedding next year (as much as I am desperate for a bfp, I don't want to be huge in my beautiful wedding dress). Planning a wedding will take my mind off it I hope! If it doesnt happen straight away then I hope AF comes back quick so I know where I stand!

    I feel like things are starting to look up, over the last few days I've been thinking more positively and not be dwelling on the situation so I think the emotional side of things is healing pretty quick. I actually feel normal again and back on form after weeks of feeling so tired I could barely keep my eyes open.

    Keep your chin up honey our bfp day will come and hopefully sooner rather than later! xxx

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