3w Today ....

Hi Ladies, I can't believe its 3 weeks today already since I had my ERPC op. Time has certainly flown. Physically I have healed and all the bleeding and cramps etc have stopped. But emotionally I'm still a bit up and down. Felt a bit sad this morning when I woke as I would have been about 15 weeks by now. :cry:

Anyway...am just waiting for my first AF to show up now, think I ovulated last week, so I'm hoping she will arrive next week and that my cycles may (hopefully!) return to normal.

I think I want to get at least one AF out the way before trying again, but like other ladies on here have written, I am absolutely terrified of trying again!!! Its so hard to feel positive in that respect.

Anyway, I have booked myself a Reiki treatment tonight after work, can't wait, it always really relaxes me and I'm hoping it will make be feel a lot better too.

Lots of babydust to everyone and hope we all get our BFP soon.

Z xx


  • thatl be nice hun! image enjoy! i too would have been 15 weeks 2day image my ERPC was 5 weeks ago and i mc at around 6/7 weeks but found out at 9 week scan. iv been really down 2day as i no that one more week i could have found out (from a 16 week scan) what i was having, a boy or girl image
    My 1st AF turnt up exactly 5 weeks after the op and has just finsihed 2day! lasted 7 days whereas normali lasts 4/5 days!
    not sure when im ovulating!! just guna BD eveyr other day lol!!
    hopefuly ul get your AF soon hun! fingers crossed
    claire xxx
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