TTC after ectopic

Hi girls

I'm going to be joining you lovely ladies after being diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy last week. The surgeon said we are ok to try and conceive straight away though he recommended that we wait till I have an AF but in the leaflet the hospital gave me it said to wait a few months for your body to heal. I was just wondering how long you have waited or are planning to wait before TTC again???

Thank you xxxxx


  • Hi STG83,

    I don't have any experience of ectopic so can't really advise on that aspect. I have recently had a mc however and wondered the same thing.

    I'm on YAYB (misstomrsp) and the general consensus seems to be just do whatever feels right for you especially if the surgeon said it was ok to try straight away.

    WIshing you well, whatever you decide ((hugs)) xx
  • Hi, i had an ectopic pregnancy in september, had a 3 month break due the medication i was on and started ttc in january.

    I was gutted we had to wait 3 months as i wanted to get going straight away. But, i was so preoccupied by the medical side it took a while for the emotions to catch up on me.

    My consultant asked me if, god forbid, it happened again would you be strong enough to cope so soon. I definitely wasn't (although didn't realise it at time). It is a very personal decision x x
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