some advice please

Just after some advice,
I had my mc confirmed on 3rd June and stopped bleeding last Wednesday but I started to bleed again yesterday, looks like and af so should i count yesterday as CD 1 or just wait and see what happens, Am rather confused

Thank you


  • I had to have an ERPC on 28th May and bled for approx 4 days, Ithen had what I can only describe as spotting which then stopped completeley only to start again. I didn't count the second stage of bleeding as AF as a friend told me that it could still just be old lining coming away.

    Hope this helps

    Shelley x
  • Thanks hun, had a few small clots so could be what it is.
  • Hi
    I had mmc on 27 may, had a d and c and bled for a week. i then went on holiday and i started bleeding again. as shelley says i think it was just more old lining.
  • hiya macdoona
    i started mc on 10th june but now it has stopped apart from spotting and odd clots etc.
    i think you should expect AF around 4-6 weeks after mc is what ive read.

    H x
  • Oh hun I'm so sorry was hoping you wouuld have had good news was looking for updates in the dij board.
  • Hi, i had posted in here instead. Seen the DIJ search party! lol
    I feel guilty going in DIJ now though, dont want to upset anyone or make them worried? Do you know what i mean?
  • Yeah i know what you mean, I must admit though i still float and put the odd post,
    bleeding is fairly heavy and lots of clots when i wipe (sorry tmi).
  • Hi, I was told that my first AF after my ERPC would be about 4-6 wks after and then count it as AF if I haven't bled for at least 10 days. I had mine on 27th Apr, bled for 3 weeks and got my first on AF on 2nd June. I think if you wait until you stop bleeding completely then you can start waiting for your first AF, as some other ladies have said, your second lot of bleeding is likely to be old blood. I hope it stops soon for you and you get good news soon xx
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