Off on my hols...

Hello lovelie ladies

Well we are off on holiday very early in the morning!!! Have to leave our place about 5.30am.

Still havent packed, cant beleive how un-organised I am!!! I just cant find the umph to do it. I have had a quick tidy up today but just cant beleive how much more I need to do, my oh is too relaxed & it's rubbing off on me LOL.

Anyway I'll probably try & get back on later but if not I will talk to you all in 2 weeks time. Look after yourselves & hope to be hearing of lots more BFP when I get back, will miss you all for 2 wks.

(Rocky good luck at GP nxt week will be thinking of you)

Lots of Love Lau & Jellybean 6+3


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