got to go hospital for more tests :\(

title says it all, just got an appintment thru for the 12th of july at the recurrent miscarrige clinic, gota have bloods taken between days one and four of my next cycle, dont no why tho?? will be teseting on 5th of july so hopefully get bfp b4 then.

i no it is a sensitive subject for people but can any1 tell me what to expect at the appointment who has been thru this b4? i dont want to upset people with bad memories but could really do with some support


  • Hi hon,
    I have had just the one mc, so afraid I can't help with info on the tests, just wanted to show support and send you a big hug.
    I'm also testing on the 5th July (third month trying after mc back in Feb) so keeping fingers crossed for us!
  • Hi Sally

    I had the tests I think you are talking about. I went for my appt and had a range of things looked at. They scanned my ovaries to check for PCOS, took vaginal swabs for a range of stds such as chlamydia and syphillis (that one would have took some explaining!), then I had blood tests done for immune problems such as antiphospholipid syndrome (sticky blood), liver, kidney and other thrombophilia things (I guess checking for hormone issues) and also immunity to toxoplasmosis, rubella and other illnesses similar. I forget which. My partner and I also had karyotyping done which is a blood test to check you don't have a chromosomal disorder such as a balanced translocation. This is v scary but the odds are incredibly low so not one to lie awake worrying about.

    I had to go back on day two to four of my cycle for tests on levels of luteinising hormone (the thing that kick starts ovulation) and follicle stimulating hormone (also linked to ovulation). I think this is to check for a problem in the follicular phase of your cycle that may predispose you to miscarriage.

    I am not an expert and may have some of this muddled so don't quote me on it but I think this is all quite standard. I really feel for you. It is so scary but remember that there is only a fifty per cent chance that anything will show up from any of these tests. Mine were all clear as they told me they would be. That is quite frightening too as now just have to decide when and if to try again with nothing new to go on. But there are a few things you can ask them about trying anyway. My consultant is happy for me to try high dose folic acid, aspirin and progesterone. There is no reason to think I need any of these but I think I will feel better for doing something and it will certainly do no harm.

    Definitely read Miscarriage What Every Woman Needs To Know by lesley regan. It's so full of info on all these tests.

    Hopefully you'll find youre pregnant again before that anyway.

    Sorry for mammoth reply! I just know I was desperate to know all this stuff at the time so hope it helps a bit. Look after yourself anyway. I am sure you will eventually get the baby you deserve. Lots of luck. Skye. X
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