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hi hon

I didn't want to hijack rainbows thread, particularly given its such fab news, but i noticed that you said that she would be entitled to a scan between 6-8 weeks. do you know if that applies to everyone who has had previous contact with epac/epu, or just ladies who have has more than one m/c?

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  • Hi
    I was told by my EPU that when i get pg again I am entitled to an early scan because of my mmc. As far as I am aware this is the same for anyone who has an mc or ectopic. The nurse told me just to ring the EPU direct and they would book me in. Went to see my GP last week and she told me the same thing. She did say they could organise it for me but I would prob ring myself. I have only had one mmc so I think its the same for everyone. Hope you get your early scan soon (i.e. in the next 6-8 weeks!!!)
  • thanks - right back at you!
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