i have a question please

as im sure a few of u know i am ttc after an ectopic..

i had last af on xmas day and from sat to date i have been staining/spotting with bad cramps in my left side..

is this like implantation bleeding or is it too early.. bit worried it being in the left side after the ectopic xx


  • Hi hun,

    Not sure I have the experience to answer your question but some of the lovely ladies on here will have some answers.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my thread, am glad you are feeling more positive about ttc.

  • Hi hun, didn't want to read & run, I have read on a few websites that some ladies experience spotting during ov which would fit in with your cramps and dates, have you been testing for ov at all? xx
  • Hi!

    I get pulling feelings on my ectopic side when I ov and get af. I asked about this on the ectopic trust and they said it is normal to get niggling pains where ectopics were especially around ov and af time. Still not that nice a feeling though is it! x x
  • no def not a nice feeling..would i still be getting the pains now i thought i was only ov until sunday at latest x

  • did you use ov sticks hun? xx
  • I get tugging pains at random times as well, exactlty where is was. Apparently it's "normal" but not a very nice reminder (like we need reminding?). I am hoping it will go the more time that passes.

    Like Mrs H says did you use ov sticks? I ov's 3 days early this month-completely randon as I have always ov'd on same day! x
  • i did yes but im not sure if i ovd early because i didnt get a positive any of the days i checked...off to docs in morning to put my mind at ease x
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