1ST AF Finished! :)

Hey Ladies Hope Your All Ok image
my 1st af since my ERPC came on the 1st april exactly 5 weeks after the op.... now 7th april it has finished!! normaly mine last around 4/5 days... im not sure when im guna be ovulatiing!! think maybe around cd13-16?? just going by my last preg!
i have got CBFM but havnt used it yet but will do with next AF but hopefuly i wont have another!! image
just quick question!!... any1 got any stinging pains down below (sorry tmi!!! )
it feels like cystitis but i no it cant be cos i havnt had sex in wile!! stings when i go for a wee and i tried to have sex 2nite but was stinging :S:S:S:S

Claire xxx


  • Yay! Glad the witch has gone, now onto the babydancing!! xxx
  • I second MrsH .....may the babydance begin!!!!
  • yaaaay....witch has dissaperared but crappy how its stinging hun cystitus isnt caused by sex hun could still be that or a water infection go to the gp even though you will be as sick of em as i am im sure but if its a water infection you may need antibiotics to sort it but then you can babydance in comfort at least image xxxx
  • yes bring on the baby dancing! image xx
  • Hi Yummymummy, we are really close in cycle dates I think, I am on CD15 since my first AF and think I am ovulating right now. So you shouldnt be too far behind me!! Hopefully we might both get some good news this month!!!

    It sounds like you have got cystits so you should go to the doctors and get it checked out soon. I had it once and ignored it and ended up with a urine infection which was really horrible. Also try drinking loads of cranbery juice, seems to get rid of it!!

    Take care

  • yes im on the cranberry lol!! i hate the stuff but hey! im not stinging anymore though... maybe its cos i hadnt had sex in wile!!??? not sure lol!! im on cd11 2day! im trying to work out when i ovulate... when i fell pregnant it was 12 days after my AF so probably around cd12-cd16??? been bding all wkend though just incase lol!! i got cbfm but going to use it on next AF or maybe there wont be any need! good luck jacquid!!! image xxx
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