Is it wrong to be trying so soon?

Hi ladies

Well it has been two weeks Thus that I lost little bean and since Fri we have been BD (did BD once last Monday as well)

I only bled for around two days but was having spotting for a week before I bled properly.

I know you are most fertile after a M/C, I have been reading about people that fall pregant again two weeks(even a week) after M/C and the next pregnancy has been fine as I know some times they tell you to wait until after AF arrives.

I took a test on Sun and was BFN so I know all has gone, was sad to see it though.
Anyone else tried straight after M/C? We are just going to see what happens.

Gem xx


  • I'm trying again already but not sure when my cycle started or when I'll be ovulating. Just going to see what happens.
  • I was BDing about 1 week after ERPC but didn't get AF until 5 weeks later. Still spotting and dont know when I 'm ovulating but just going to wait and see what happend. I'm a believer that it will happen when the time is right!!
  • I dont think there is any harm in it. We did start again straight away but decided to be casual about it all.
    I got first af 28days after D&C but now on cd30 and no sign of her (not preg as have tested)

    Lots of luck xx
  • Hi hun

    No i dont think its too soon, your body will only let you get pregnant if its ready! (told that by a specialist!!) im on clomid again to make me ovulate i had a mc at 9 weeks 6 weeks ago and this is my first af since.
    good luck xx
  • Hi hun, I miscarried 6 weeks + 2 days ago (30th May). I got to my 12 week scan and found out baby had died at 9 weeks, I then miscarried spontaneously and midwife helped remove what was left..
    I am now pregnant again and am physically 3+2 but midwife will add two tweeks on top.
    I got pregnant on the 20th June or thereabouts.
    it is possible to ovulate 2-4 weeks after miscarriage and I knew I was ovulating due to my cervical mucus which was like uncooked egg white, I had stopped bleeding so we just started trying again.

    I just hope this baby sticks this time and continues to grow.

    good luck

  • Hi Gem,

    I got my bfn yesterday and we have decided to start trying again straight away and have bd'ed. Not sure when i'll ov though, no outward signs of it yet. I only finished bleeding on Sat so reckon if I do ov its gonna be a week or 2 still.
  • Hiya
    I think everyone is different and it also depends how far along you were when you mc. I mc'd at 7ish weeks and have tried this month (1st month after mc)I have no idea when if i ov'd but did have loads of ewcm around CD 16 but still not had AF yet asnd it will be CD 35 2moro. Done pg test all BFN. So just waiting now! Grrr!
    Good luck honey, we will get there! One day!
  • Hi Gem
    You know when you are ready to try again - I mc last week at 11 weeks and was gutted as I felt we were almost out of the danger period but it was just not meant to be this time, We really want to start trying again as soon as possible as we were so looking forward to being parents in 6 months time and have heard you are more fertile after a mc and want to take advantage of this. I am worried people who knew will think we are rushing into it but we were ready and wanted to be parents before it all happened so that has not changed. We will wait till I am physically ready but have had 2nd scan and all is ok. Doctor has recommended to wait till after first af so we can be sure on dates but we are just going to see what happens. Good luck to you.
  • Hi Gem, firstly, im sorry for you loss, secondly thankyou for asking this question.I MC on 5th July at 9 weeks. I had been bleeding badly for 2 weeks prev and despite reassuring scans throughout, MC conf on 7thJuly. Bleeding stopped almost immediately. Physically im fine, emotionally I feel ok. I just want to let nature take it course. Im 40, so using contraception feels like wasting time I dont have. I have read that statistically you are at a slightly higher risk of MC again if you dont wait for AF, but I have also read that your body wont get PG if its not ready. Im not sure what to do. I dont think your wrong and your definately not alone in feeling the way you do. It really helps me to know im not going through this alone.xx
  • Thanks ladies for all your replies

    Thank god for groups like this as I can not really talk about this to anyone else as they do not understand what I have gone through and how I am felling and also the internet to find out things to do with M/C and trying again.

    I think I am OV as I have pains and my mucus is slimy and white(TMI sorry image ) in the last 6 days we have BD four times and hopefully we will tonight if OH is not so tired image

    I am just going to see what happens and I am trying not to think about getting pregnant again but it hard not to and if I get AF first then so be it and will try again after that.

    Gem xx

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