Will it ever happen?


I'm on a bit of a downer atm. I had a MC in September after 10 months of trying. On CD2 today and 4th cycle since MC. I just feel that its never going to happen. Im tired of trying now and get so upset when AF arrives. This month it arrived 6 days early?!!! and was so painful. To make things worse SIL has just announced that she is expecting, she already has a 10yr and 4yr old twins and isnt sure if she wants this baby for the right reasons. The fact that she was actually trying for a baby is a different matter! I cried myself to sleep on xmas eve when DH told me she was expecting again. I had such a rubbish last 3 months of 2009, first my MC and both my grandads passed away within 2 months of each other. I just wanted 2010 to bring some happy news for a change, and its started off with my AF arriving 6 days early.

Feel a bit better for writing this down.

Good Luck to everyone in 2010, lets hope its a good year for all of us image

Claire x x


  • Hi claire,
    I'm very sorry for you loss and
    Sorry you're feeling down today.
    I had a mmc at 12 weeks, 6wks ago
    so I understand a little bit of how you'r e feeling.
    Sorry you lost your grandads so close to each other, that must have been really hard, especially so soon after mc.
    I'm positive that 2010 is going to be a better year for us. I really hope you're blessed with the baby you long for.
    Try to keep positive. It will be our time soon.
    Sending you love & ((((hugs))))
    nettie x
  • Hi Claire, I'm sorry to hear of your losses, you really had a rough year hun ((((hugs))))
    I know 2010 is going to be the year we all get what we long for, I just feel so good about this year!
    It's always hard hearing about other people's good news, it's not that we don't feel happy for them but there's always that niggling thought "why them and not me" Stay positive hun, this time next year we will all be cradling our little bundles and wondering why we were so worried.
    As the saying goes, the best things are worth waiting for and in the mean time we are all here to support you and keep the PMA going! xx
  • HI Claire

    I know it is hard not to feel despondent and negative. I sometimes wonder whether I will ever be a mum. But I think you have just got to hold out hope that it WILL happen for you.

    If it helps, my SIL is also pg. She told us at the beginning of December, and I am still very angry about it. Feel very guilty that I feel angry, but I do, and I can't help it. I'm sure it will get better, for the both of us.

  • chin up hun, i had a complete mc on 1st august and i'm only now on cycle 4 of this attempt due to my body being a bit wierd and random and i am just OV. it is hard, some people who mc after me have already got bfps' and some are well past the 12 weeks as well!!! xxx
  • Hi Claire,
    Sorry youve had such a horrid time. Im sure that this will be a good year for us all so keep that wee chin up sweetie and stay strong. Sending you lots of lovex x x x x
  • hi ya Claire,

    im sorry about your loss and all of the other bad things that have happened - its horrid x
    i feel the same - we lost our baby end of nov at 17 weeks. when it happened i thoguht id be able to start ttc again in jan - but im still bleeding (sorry tmi!) and i feel like its going to take us ages to get back to normal and be pregnant again. I so desperately wanted a baby this year, but unless things happen quite quickly its not going to happen.

    sorry for rambling on with my problems.

    ive got a few firiends who are due over the coming months and I get upset when I hear what they have been buying or getting ready.

    it will be our turns soon - just keep hanging in there
    x x xx
  • Hi Claire

    I hope your feeling a little better.

    I think it's natural to feel this way from time to time but we find the strength from somewere to carry on.

    In 15 months weve been pg 4 times & mmc or mc & we both feel like shite at times then from somewere I manage to mustre up the strength from somewere to carry on.

    It will happen we just dont know when, I have started the new year by trying to feel really positive & visualising myself with a baby bump & enjoying pg cause i've been worried that I wont enjoy it as the thought of it has been filling me with fear these days.

    Try & hang in there, easier said I know. It will happen & well all make wonderful mummies

    Hugs xxx
  • hi sorry about your loss i was in this perticular forum about 1 yr ago i had 2 m/c and was gutted i feel pregnant abut 3 months after my 2nd and i went full term and had a lil girl . keep tryin and my biggest tip is the month u dont think about it the month it happens .
  • Thanks for all of your replies ladies. Feeling a bit better now x

    Its nice chatting to people that have had the same experiences etc

    Good luck to eveyone x x
  • glad you're feeling better reevester,

    chat away as much as you want (im usually lurking somewhere instead of doing proper work!)

    x x x

  • im sorry to here your having such a bad time but things will get better..........i was trying for three years before i got pregnant and when i miscarriage i was expecting it.....

    it will happen just by patient, it will happen, have you done a ov test, better to start trying a couple of days before you ov date as it take a few days for the smerm to get to it desination...

    hope this helps xxxx

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