Is this CM? ... Maybe TMI

Hi everyone,

I am 5 weeks post mc (@ 17wks preg) and when I went to the toilet this morn and wiped I had a stringy like substance on tissue and had a pinky blood spot in it. I have never ever noticed this before so is this CM? does it mean AF could be on her way? I would be so happy if it was as it means I can TTC again?

Mrs J x


  • Hi Mrs....J

    After ur MC did they track your blood hcg level back to zero/non-pregnant?

    I'm not sure your cm should be stringy? as this never happened to me. But i did bleed for 5 weeks after mc.

  • I think it is probably your body getting back to normal. I had bleeding for nearly 5 weeks, then quite a bit of CM which was sometimes tinged. AF followed soon after. I am soo excited to finally get AF so hopefully it is a sign that yours will be turning up soon too. I got mine exactly 6 weeks after my ERPC

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the replies. I had some more what I can only call CM that even but no blood... I have never had it before.

    I am in absolute agony this afternoon with cramping and period like pains but no AF....

    Why is my body doing this?

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