What was your first Af like post mc? UPDATE and HELP NEEDED!

Hi ladies,

I started getting brown discharge start yesterday morning so i though it may have ben AF making an appearance, last night i had red blood when i wiped, but only the once and it was more pink and watery, like it had been watered down. Today it seems to be just discharge again and there's hardly anything when i wipe or in pad (sorry tmi). It's been 5 weeks today since mc so about right for AF? I was expecting a heavy one since i haven't had one for a while.



I've just wiped and there were two clots? One abit bigger than a grain of rice and one abit smaller? Its getting quite heave now but still brown? Are clots normal or do I need to see someone? Please help!


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  • Hi Lady,

    I had my first AF since mmc 2 weeks ago...5 weeks after the hospital give me the tablets to make things happen.

    Started off very much like yours and then became very heavy but with no cramp! It lasted about a week too.

    Sorry I'm not much help but didnt want to read and run

    E xx
  • Hey

    I too had confusing signs with my first af. Like you I had some browny discharge, then pinky, then nothing. Then a couple of days later the redish pink discharge came back still not what I normally get, then had 2 days if light bleeding, then 1 day of the discharge again. That was my af! Not normal for me, and I had secretly hoped at the first signs it was implantation... well secretly apart from on here ;o)

    I was expecting it to be heavy from others experiences. I really found not knowing what my body was doing stressful.

    I hope things sort themselves out for you soon!

  • Hi there I am having my first real AF since MC started on Thursday quite mild got heavy Friday Saturday and Sunday then really light Monday was thinking it was a normal five day period as I had nothing today. But I had a small amount of red spotting this evening I have gone back to nothing again. Not sure if I will just have spotting now after mc or if I will have nothing at all tomorrow. CD seven tomorrow so would expect a clear day. Has anyone ever had spotting after AF?:\?
  • Thanks ladies, at least I know I'm normal ish. Was just worried because when having my mc everyone kept saying brown blood is old blood so I was worried it may be some old mc blood, even though I thought that was unlikely.

    Its really annoying isn't it. I'm using cbfm this month because I had no idea when I was even ov last cycle.

    As if mc isn't bad enough it messes with your cycles after and makes it harder to fall pg with another bubba!! Grrrrrr!!

    Good luck ladies
  • Hey, just wanted to say I have been using cbfm this month and I found I didn't ov until cd18. I was really surprised at that. I was ov testing with cheap eBay too, and I got the darkest ever line on cd18 too. I was expecting my 28 day cycle back as that's what I've always had, and my af after my mc was on day 28, but I don't know if this later than expected ov will mean my cycle will be longer.

    Good luck xxx
  • my first af was more discharge than anything else, there was never much on the pad but it was bloody when i wiped (sorry tmi) x
  • Yeah that sounds a lot like mine mrsjb.

    I tried using cbfm last month but it never asked me to poas so i think i set it up wrong. I've followed the instructions this time though so fingers crossed. I had a 34 day cycle last month so no idea what to expect!

    I would think if you ov on cd18 then you will probably be due af cd32 i would think. But since when were cycles reliable eh?!

    Good luck us
  • My first af was as normal as my others had been before i was pg except i had the most horrendous cramps in the world that i wouldn't sit down with out being in pain - i'd never had that before. But everyone is different.
    My cycles now seem to be 37 days though now rather than the 29/30 that they were before so this month i am tracking when i ov etc.

    Good luck everyone
  • Hi Lady,

    Mines been quite weird and worried me a little, It was really really light for about 4 days and brown tmi yuk!!! Have had some red spotting as well this week (CD 8 today)

    As was solight am worried my lining is thin and am trying to eat well (iron rich foods etc) to to improve it and will get checked out if no improvement next month.

    Haven't had any pain which is good and normal for me!

    Loadsa luck and baby dust for this month xxx
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