Have any of you had Factor V Lieden?

A friend of mine has mentioned about it as she had it in pregnancy which caused her 2 miscarriages. She doesn't have it normally but it occured when she was pg.
When she conceived again she had to have blood thinning injections and once she had them she had 2 perfect pregnancies.

So really am just wondering if anyone else has had this to see how common it may be.

It is hereditary, i think now i've had 2 miscarriages when i conceive again i might ask about being tested for it. Anything just to see to try and have a good pregnancy and a baby

Sorry for posting lots of posts these last few days



  • I have it hun, its a blood clotting disorder where your blood doesnt know want to stop clotting, well that was how my dr described it to me at 14.
    I too will have to have blood thinning injections all throughout pregnancy, possibly preconception as a baby aspirin, and then post natal.
    it also depends on whether you are heterozygous or homozygous on the severity of it.
    my mum had 7 mc and 2 stillborns and 6 dvts and 1 pulmonary embolism. she is homozygous with the disorder. my older sister tested negative.
    i am heterozygous for it and had a mc at 16.
    It is quite common, tho most people are unaffected by it, so will never know.
    my sisters consultant would not let her be tested for it whilst pregnant, so it you want to be tested i would ask dr sooner rather than later.
    hope that helps hun
    x x x
  • Hi Lampie, it's not something that I know much about but I have asked to be tested for what was causing my miscarriages after I had two. NHS policy is to not even start testing until after 3 consecutive miscarriages which happen within a certain time period, which is horrendous, but I think that their rationale is that even after 2 you still have the same chance of a healthy pregnancy as your first.

    I desperately tried to talk to my doctor about taking baby aspirin which would prevent this and other clotting problems but he wouldn't even entertain the idea and said it would do more harm than good. So it looks like I'd have to go through it all again!

    I'm trying to think positively about this pregnancy though because 2 miscarriages in itself isn't any reason to think that you have a serious fertility problem x
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