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Still no af tested and bfn and bfn again

I am hoping that it is still too early I am not sure how late I am because of my last freak cycle. Think I will wait until the weekend and test with better test. Just using Boots cheapies at the mo. That is of course assuming she doesn't show before then!

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  • good luck hunny!!! xx
  • hi socks, im on CD 27 today, tested yesterday and BFN, so hoping its just too early, my last cycle was 31 days and that was my first cycle after my mc. when you testing again?

    ashy x
  • Oh good luck Socks! Hope she doesn't find you! Absolutely everything crossed for you, flower x
  • Well I thought I would test saturday morning on the other boots cheepie if af does not show by then (think I have had af cramps today). If it still says bfn I will by a better test and try again next wednesday xx grr I want to know!
  • oh socks - bless you! I so hope it is a BFP!!! xxx
  • Still nothing this morning xxx
  • Socks I hope its a BFP,I am in the same boat as you waiting for AF to show first after MC.Have had light spotting but nothing else. No sympthoms.Just want something to happen.Don't know how many days past ov I am nothing.

    Good luck hun and keep us posted.
  • Socks! Any sign yet? xx
  • Really hoping it's a BFP in hiding not wanting to show itself yet and not nasty AF playing tricks

    Got everything crossed for you x
  • Oooh thanks girls. Mandy me too. I have (tmi alert) really watery cm so I am hoping that is also a good sign. I am trying so hard not to symptom spot but it is really hard now! Roll on the morning so I can test again!
  • I think that is a good sign, I have everything crossed for you!! xx
  • Negative again this morning, this is irritating me now! Meant to be going out tonight too don't think I want to go.
  • Oh no how bloody frutrating for you, I was so hoping to get up and see you had posted a BFP this morning. I wish I could offer some words of advice, but I don't really know what to say. Could it still be too early if you take your longer cycle and think you bd'd towards the end of that? I have everything crossed for you flower, its cruel the way our bodies keep us hanging on. I sometimes feel like saying "oy you, you're me, give me a break!" See how you feel about tonight, hun and if you don't fancy it, don't go. But, perhaps just a couple of drinks will take your mind off things and let you have time to relax. Still got lots of PMA for you, that this BFP is on its way xx
  • Thanks slippers, I have lost all my pma now. I recon I ov'd later than I thought and completely missed it. my cm has changed this morning. Recon she will arrive tomorrow which will be frustrating for 2 reasons, first because it is annoying and second because I think that means we won't be able to try next month as due date will be too close to my sisters wedding xx
  • :\( I actually logged on this morning hoping to see you announcing a BFP.

    Really hope the witch doesn't show and BFP is just taking it's time!

    Good luck and I hope you can go out tonight and enjoy yourself to take your mind off all this.

    Love NN xx
  • oops stupid pc!

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  • No hun I am fairly certain I have been having AF twinges this afternoon. I feel pants so I am not going out. Can't believe it, I have never been late before I am regular as clockwork then all of a sudden early last month late this, what is going on?! I hate my body :cry: I spoke to my husband about stopping for a while he really wants to keep trying but apart from the fact I am not sure I can keep doing this, I can't convince him that I wont be allowed to get on a plane if I am 7 months plus pg. Mind you at this rate that will not even be an issue but it will be sods law if I fall in January my due date will almost be her wedding.

    Sorry just having a self indulgent rant I know we are all in the same boat but honestly why is life so unfair. Saw a girl earlier who couldn't be more than 16 heavily pg with a can in one hand and a fag in the other. Felt like bawling her out. Deep breath ...
  • I was right cd 1 :cry: . I think I am going to have some time off. Girls. Wish you all the best this month xx
  • Whereabouts is your sister getting married? is there any way you can get there without flying? just wondered if it was Europe, that perhaps you could take a leisurely (and heavily pregnant!) drive there. it seems such a shame to put things on hold, particularly when we all know how well that blimmin sods law works! You can bet your boots, that if you tell your wayward body you don't want to get pg for a couple of months, if it's anything like mine, it will completely blimmin ignore you and you'll end up with twins! x
  • No hun it is cyprus have to fly plus we have already booked it. I think it hurts more because I got excited about having my baby at her wedding. I am such a fool. I hate this.
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