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Hi Gussie

Thanks for your kind words. I feel very lost at the moment, mainly because I have this six month wait swimming in my head, although I think Mafia is right in what she says about pinning them down and demanding an explanation for everything,

I have done some research on the net which has helped, but at the moment I feel in such limbo. The erpc was two months ago and we had planned to start ttc again in December, so this has come as something of a blow. How long have you been having follow up care for?



  • we had a MC/D&C on Oct.22. the first set of labs that they did after they had found out that it was a partial molor preg.was at about one wk after, then the next was at 2wks I just had a set of labs yesterday the doc just called me and said that my levels are within normal limits now!!!! (yeaaaa!) that we could try again as soon as AF is gone. If i were you i would be very angry that they waited so long before they treated you!! like i said they were already calling me 1wk after my D&C to start labs. please try to keep your head up!!! it shouldnt take 6mths for your hcg to be gone as it only took mine 1month to be back to normal limits. any other question feel free to ask! *hugs*
  • Hi Gussie

    Thanks for your reply - I saw your other post about being able to start trying again - brilliant news.

    Yes I am very angry that it has taken two months for them to tell me what happened. But that's the NHS for you I suppose. You live in the US don't you? I imagine stuff like this gets sorted a lot quicker over there.

    I am not in the mood for waiting six months - I feel that if my levels go down to normal levels quickly (and I personally think they already have as I did a pg test a week after the erpc which was negative, have had 3 periods and am ovulating again) then why should I wait? By the time the NHS gets its a*se in gear to send me the testing kit through the post, then processes it etc etc etc it will be the middle of December - practically three months since the erpc. I think I will have to be very single minded about it.

    Thanks again for your reply - it has been such a relief to find someone who understands what a partial molar is!

    Good luck with the ttc.

  • im no doctor hun, but if its ok for me to try again at 1 1/2 months post then i would say it should be for you too! good luck!!! *hugs* maybe we will both get our BFP at the same time? image
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