When will AF visit me??????

I'm getting a little bit disheartened now.....
Its been 4 weeks since my ERPC and i had got it into my head that I would have had a period by now but so far nothing

Has anybody had to wait as long for theirs after the procedure??????

I never thought I would look forward to AF paying me a visit :cry::cry:


  • Hi hun, my first AF arrived 34 days after mc (natural) so 5 weeks. I think the same advice applies for ERPC in that it can take around 6 weeks.
  • Thanks ladies.....
    I will try and be a little more patient. Its hard though

  • I had an D&C which I thing is the same thing. I got my af exactly 4 weeks later BUT from my posts asking the same thing most people got theirs 4-8 weeks after.
    I understand how frustrating it is especially if your wanting to ttc straight away.

    I hope it arrives soon for you xxx
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