for those of you who have got your BFPs.... testing early...

hey ladies

first of all congrats to you all!

What i want to know is when did you test? How long after ovulation did you get a BFP for those who didn't wait for AF to not show up?

All of those who waited for a late AF then well done for the will power! But who tested earliest and got their BFP?



  • Yes...would be interesting to know......not that I will be testing till at least the 10th....honest!
  • hi hun, i first tested at 10DPO and got a faint BFP on a superdrug test, then tested again at 11, 12 and 14DPO and got a stronger bfp today.. image

    so pleased to see it getting stronger.

  • I tested at 9dpo and got a feint line and have tested every day so far (12dpo today) and have seen them slowly get darker but they are only ebay cheapies. Going to buy an SD test to test on Wednesday.

    Normally i wouldn't test early but i just had this little feeling, didn't have any symptoms to make me test just a little feeling.

  • I tested at 9dpo and got a really faint line, it was so faint you had to really stare at it and I wondered if I was seeing things! At 14dpo I got a good line and then tested again at 17dpo and got a super duper thick line! I used FR each time xx
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