Hi Ladies,

L&N&BB thanks for the post hun very sweet of you.

Im home 8 days later than scheduled but home sweet home!!!

As Gem says we flew the 1st part last Fri from Orlando to Newark & shouldve had a connecting flight same day but have just arrived back today (well saturday).

I know I sounded so miserable being stuck abroad when I shouldve been happy, but I was so emotional at missing my scan (have it rebooked for this tues now tho) but also you can imagine there were 7 of us + my baby nephew, after spending 2 weeks & all our money in Orlando & then to have to find means for all of us to get a roof over our heads & fed it wasnt easy so was really stressful plus airline staff horrible with no advice or help.

Anyway I am well, im 10 weeks on tues & everything has been going well so far my pg symptoms havent left me alone all holiday so early nights for me whilst the rest of the family have been up drinking LOL & all the emotions & strops & not being able to fit in anything I packed ( I wore my oh jeans home!!!).

I hope everyone is well & I will have a proper catch up but not tonight but feel free to post any updates on this thread so I can see them quicker.



  • So glad you made it back safely - and that you spent the holiday with symptoms! Every time I throw up I think 'this must mean that baby is okay....' and try to force myself to be glad, lol.

    I had a scan at 9+4 and there was so much more to see, I know it's pants that you've had to wait but hopefully you'll find it more reassuring this way.

    Babyexpert hasn't been the same without you.

    Did the group you were travelling with know about bubs or were you having to lie the whole time?

    I'm jealous that you have a bump, I'm quite big to start so not showing yet. I have felt in the past couple of days like my womb and other internal organs are beginning to fight for space so maybe my womb is heading up over my pelvis and will have a bump soon. Making the most of non-maternity clothes while I can!

    Congrats on being 10 weeks, too. You're a quarter of the way there!!!!!

    Becky x
  • Welcome back sweetpea, we have missed you!!

    Glad bubba is doing well, 10 weeks - so happy for you!

    Looking forward to catching up,
    Lots of Love, MrsH xxx
  • Welcome home hun! I'm sure you're exhausted!! It's great that you got your scan rescheduled for so soon though, I'm still waiting to get my date for my early scan, hopefully I'll get my lovely letter next week! xx
  • TEN WEEKS!!!!! Woo hooooo! Glad you are ok - bet you were happy to finally get through the front door!

    Can't wait to hear how the scan goes on Tuesday, I have a good feeling about this one Laujai so I hope you and oh have been thinking about names!

  • glad you're back safely. hope the scan goes well on tues. I have my 20wk scan tomorrow, so will update in pg after mc if anyone is stalking me image
  • Lau, glad your back hun! i posted yesterday but the BE must've ate it cuz it isnt here? glad your doing well! and bean to! yay! we are also doing good, doc changed my due date to the 28th of nov. because of my scan dates but otherwise our little bean is doing great! heart rate of 150. i have to same prob.with nothing fitting!

    Gems- good luck on your scan hun thats the fun one!
  • Hi Ladies

    Lovely to hear from you all.

    I know cant beleive 10wks already, am looking forward to scan tomo, starting to feel a little nervous but excited at the same time, just praying that everything is ok.

    Gem cant beleive your 20wks already!!!

    Huni congrats hun mustve missed your announcement when away, how many wks are you?

    L&N how many wks are you now? Surely you've only got a few months left till you meet your little man.

    Gussie great about your scan hun so pleased for you.

    Bec wonderful news to about your scan.

    MrsH & Maria how are you both getting on my lovelies?

    Anyone seen Rocky wondering how she has been too

    Love to everyone else xxx
  • i'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image hey hun, did you have a lovely time? got mty fingers crossed for tomorrow for you! make sure you update us! been keeping a low profile recently, cd 5 after finishing a round of those tablets so goign to try and come on only every few days until i get my ov and no bleeding!!!! (PMA!) lol. xx
  • Rocky great to hear from you.

    Understand keeping the low profile I think it takes away a bit of the stress in ttc.

    Will be keeping everything crossed for you this cycle hun, keep me updated as I think we just miss eachother sometimes & plus obviously i've been gone forever LOL !!

    I will update tomo after scan when I get home. xxx
  • I am good thanks flower!

    Looking forward to reading your update tomorrow, be thinking of you.

    Love MrsH xx
  • Am glad your doing well hun.

    Thanks, I will update soon as can get on. xxx
  • hi ya Laujai,

    glad you're home safe and sound,

    at first I was slightly jealous of you thinking you were stuck in florida, but it sounds like you've had a right nightmare - boooo. so glad you're back - we've missed you!

    hope you had a fabolous holiday x

    well its Tuesday afternoon - so Im looking out for your update. ive got such good positive vibes for you hun.

    also got a little bit of news from me - got my BFP!!! my edd is 11th dec - and Im currently 7 + 3 - its all a bit of blur still

    lots of love


    x x x
  • I'm 5+4 today so very early days for me but feeling positive this time, my EDD is Christmas Eve image xx
  • heya!!
    glad you are back safe!!!
    ooo how was your scan yday then!!?
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