How long should I wait B4 seeing doctor about No AF?

Hey there - me again. Still no AF and getting on for five weeks since m/c. Did a test this morning to rule out obvious and was Negative (although used Boots own brand - do people think these are any good?) So thinking it is just taking me a while to get back to normal - but how long do people think I should leave it before seeing the doctor?? To be honest I hate going to the doctor I never see the same one and a lot of them are so patronising! Just don't want to be made to feel I am wasting their time and sent away to "see what happens"! :evil:



  • Hey Tigger,
    sorry to read about your mc, I also had one about 5 weeks ago and still no sign of af. Like you, I did a hpt, hoping for a bfp, but of course it was negative. My doc said it should come within about 6 weeks and if not then I'm to go back to see him. Like you, I also hate going to the doc, I can't see what he's gonna do if it hasn't come by then. I'm playing the waiting game now too and hoping to get some normality back in my life soonish!
    Sorry I can't be a little more help. Hope she shows up for you soon (either that or a BFP haha) xxx
  • hey hun i wouldn't worry too much just yet, 5 weeks actually isn't that long, mine was 8 weeks! i track OV so when i ov'd at 6 weeks i new AF would arrive 2 weeks later! x
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