Awful 1st Period?

Well last month I thought I had a period but actually now think it was the last of my ectopic coming out.

Started af this morning in work and my god I feel awful. Feels like they did before I went on pill 11 years ago. Came off pill in January and have only had mild symptoms. This is awful, really bad tummy pain, I feel so tired I can hardly stay awake and I am in one serious grump! Just had a go at someone for being too long in the loo! (i will apologise!)

Did anyone else have this and did they settle down again? Jesus, I can't hack this each month! x x


  • i had a mmc hun so a bit dif and my first AF 8 weeks later was actually not painful at all and v diff to 'normal' for me. i didn't think anything of it cus i use a CBFM so know i ov'd etc but then the next cycle i passed something (another story - but i'm pretty sure it was a bit of lining that was held back after my mmc and was told nothing to worry about etc had anti biotics and was told would pass with my AF, doc seems to think it should've passed with my first AF but as i said this wasn't normal!) so anywho the 2nd AF was much more 'normal' but heavier and yes it hurt! more than it normally would so i wouldn't say its anything to be concerned about just your body trying to level itself out again! x
  • Hey hun, soz to hear ur feeling bad!!

    My 1st AF after ectopic was the same as what ur experiencing. After the 1st one, my cycle was regular and normal. Hope this helps xx
  • Im sorry hun my 1st mmc my 1st AF come 3 months later & was absolutley awful they then settled down into a normal routine then the chem. This AF I have just finished & was 10 days long & very heavy & very painful I am hopeful that they will settle again as it was the 1st one since June maybe thats why it was so bad.

    Hope it eases for you soon it is orrid but shows that your body is recovering & getting back to pre pg state.

    Lots of hugs to you hun xxx
  • didnt want to read and run, i just had my first period sence the mc,and it was awful also! ?? dont know about if it will settle down or not? *hugs*
  • both mine since MC have been different. no pmt luckily (which i did have between coming off pill and getting pg before the mc) and no pain.

    the first was very heavy and very sudden - sorry if TMI but if i hadn't been wearing black trousers it would have been bad, as there was so much blood so fast.

    the 2nd I had 2-3days of pinkish/brownish spotting then an AF that lasted 8days.

    I think the thread just shows how unpredictable and variable between people we are after MC. and it's unfortunately just a case of wait and see what happens with you
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