Question about SMEP...need advice please

Hubby and I have been bding since cd 8, ad I am now on cd 23. We used ov tests for 7 days but I never got a pos. So my question is if I don't know when I am ovulating should we just continue to bd every other day until I am ready to take a hpt?


  • Yeah basicly.
  • I think from memory you are supposed to BD every other day until day 35 (!) if you don't know when you ov'd. You're going to be tired!!!
  • yep thats what i've always been told! i use a cbfm so i know when i ov but as long as you do every other day there'll always be sum swimmers up there waiting for ur egg and gives ur oh's chance to build up some more! lol x
  • Thank you ladies. Dh actually surprised me last night bc I asked him if he felt confident about this plan working and he said yea and if it doesnt work this month we'll try again next month. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal to anyone else, but the thing is he has never been so into conceiving as he is now. I mean with our son, we bought ov tests and that's it, he didn't really care either way. With my mc it was a surprise, but we were both happy about it. And now he seems just as excited as me to give our son a sibling. I just hope I'm not setting us both up for disappointment.
  • I know what you mean, it's lovely when they say something that makes you feel like you're in it together isn't it. Even if it is a disappointment this month (which I hope it's not!!!) they do say the more you get the more you want, to you should both be ready for SMEP month 2 ;\) ;\) ;\)
  • Yes it definitely feels nice. I'm even more surprised that he said even if I'm not pregnant yet we can start getting a few baby things here and there, but he wants to wait until after the Christmas season. I am just so ready to be pregnant again as Im sure we all are. I hope Dec 17th gets here fast with no af. Happy bd'ing image
  • hi
    i would keep going if i were you. i'm so jelous of your lovely oh. its all getting a bt much for mine. you,ed think he would be pleased to have a wife who never says no but then he can hardly sit still without me jumping on him. if you keep going then at least you know that you have done all you can for the best and its good practise for next month if it doesn,t work out.
    have fun
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