Using CBFM after miscarriage

This may seem odd but when do you reset you CBFM after miscarriage? I think it was the only way hubby and I actually managed to concieve last time and want to fire it up asap.


  • hey, i did, i reset it to day 5 only a few days after my mc was induced in hosp (see my reply to ur other post) mainly as i wanted some reassurnace that my body was working again, and after i'd used 20 sticks i re set it straight away, turned out i didnt OV until 5 weeks after so it cost me a bit in sticks but i was v glad i did as the reassurance was amazing! some people cycles, settle straight back down, mine are a bit longer anyway, about 35 days. It's take my body the last 3 cycles to be 'normal' again so i reset it for the first few as well. xxxx
  • Hi Muffin. Really sorry to hear your story - just read it on this forum. I had a mc in Nov. I didn't reset my CBFM until my first AF which arrived on NY's Eve. I then reset it and am currently waiting for a high or peak this cycle. We decided to wait one cycle before trying again but like you I totally rely on my CBFM. Hope you feel better soon. It does get easier as the other girls have said. Hugs, Emma
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