Finish tablets....... fingers crossed!!

Not sure if you all know or not, but I was put on some tablets 10 days ago as I was having really irregular bleeding after my MC, I know I ovulated and had and AF but I never really stopped bleeding for 9 weeks. Since starting the tablets I have stopped bleeding and have felt back to my normal self which has been great, I finish the tablets today and now have to wait for a withdrawal bleed which should be like a normal AF and this should hopefully have sorted my cycle and kick started me back to normal, wont really know if it has works until after the bleed as I need to see if I just get a normal AF and then nothing for 3 weeks like I used to. Fingers crossed I get back to normal as the past 9 weeks was really tough and not TTC was and is killing me, just dying to get back to it, not desperate to be be pregnant again, just desperate to be trying then at least I know it may happen, Anyway, got all my fingers and toes crossed for this next week, if it all goes to plan I will be OV'ing slap back in the middle of our holiday!!!!!!!:\)


  • 9 weeks of bleeding, you poor thing!! That certainly beats my 6 weeks!!
    Glad the tablets worked and that you have finished them now image
    Oooh could be a holiday bubba for you then!
    Love MrsH xx
  • Hi 3054, so glad the tablets have worked for you, I know you have been through a terrible time. Hopefully you will be all back to normal now and can start ttc properly.

    Have a great holiday

  • Fingers crossed hun xxx
  • good luck! fingers crossed xx
  • Well I finished my tablets on Friday and still no sign of anything happening yet, Im am bloated, moody and getting some spots so feel like an AF is on its way, I know it will be sort of an artificial on, like the first when you come off the pill. Not sure if this is a goog sign or a bad sign that nothing yet. They do say 2/3 days after to expect some bleeding. Just really hoping that a get a normal af for 5 dyas or so and then nothing..... I really want to be TTC again next month!!!!

    There have been so many amazing BFP's this month and I feel like I am stuck in limbo not trying, but I know mt time will come, just hope it is soon!:lol:
  • Thinking of you.... and good luck. Baby dust coming your way.... Zxx
  • fingers crossed AF will show this week!! image and sending u lots of baby dust for when your on your holiday image xx
  • Well today is officially CD1, started bleeding today, full flow, nothing too heavy, just what seems like a normal AF. I am taking this as a good sign as before I started my tablets my bleeding was very irregular, this seems like a normal AF, so fingers crossed this will be it, hoping for 4/5 days of normal AF and then nothing!!!!!!!

    So far I've not had any heavy bleeding or spotting or clots, just normal flow, surley this must be a good sign? Dont want to get my hopes up though as have done this before only to be kicked straight back down.

    Anyway on a positive note my first night of my holiday will be CD8, bang on for the SMEP and OV day will be holiday day 7, could it be fate??????:\?
  • Hope it's a normal AF for you hun xxx
  • hey hun, how you doing? how many days ag=fter stopping the tablets did youu get AF, i stopped mine yesterday, supposed to be 3 weeks but the instructions 10 days and so i checked it out with another GP too! they gave me well bad spots so hoping they go after AF! other than that had no other side effects! fingers crossed they sort both of us out! xx
  • Hi Rocky, I took my last tablet on Friday night, bit of tiny spotting on Sunday and then started with full flow AF on Monday, Monday,and Tuesday were very light, today has got a bit heavier, but it seems to be like a normal AF. My biggest hurdle is that it stops after 5/6 days as I was constantly bleeding following my MC, so I really need the tablets to have stopped that. Still a litlle worried that I will continue to bleed after the normal AF time period!!!!!!!!!!

    Trying to stay positive though that it will sort itself out, only 3 more days till I know I suppose!!!!!!
  • Hi there,

    I have also posted another topic but think this could be linked. I started my first period almost 5 weeks ago and I have not stopped bleeding. Dr has put me on tablets to stop the bleed, they havent worked so has given me some hormone tablets that last for 10 days - is that what you guys had?

    Did any of you have any side effects from them? Did they work?
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