Coming off pill

Hi there,

I was just wondering if someone could tell me if it's possible to fall pregnant after only having a withdrawal bleed.

Thank you

V :0)


  • Short answer, yes image

    I came off the pill and counted my withdrawal bleed as a period, I did use ov sticks and found I ov'd at the right time (around 14/15days) and got my BFP 12DPO. So it is very possible hun, good luck xx
  • Thank you, an apologies for posting on the wrong bit, didn't realise until after I'd posted. I don't think I have as I tested last week but that was because I was drinking, but now realise it was probably too soon anyway if that makes sense. Time will tell now.

    Thank you and good luck. xxx
  • Fingers crossed for you hun, good luck xx
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