Not ovulating after MC in Feb

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you had trouble ovulating after your MC's? I have been trying for a few months, and have just started testing every day because we weren't having any luck. I have been testing and I didn't ovulate all month?!!! Has anyone else had this.

Trying not to freak out. :\?:roll::\(


  • Hi Maddy,

    I'm pretty certain I didn't ovulate for about six months after my miscarriage, I didn't do opks or track temperature so can't be entirely certain. However, I do have mild PCO so that might explain it more than the miscarriage.... and I still don't think I ov that often, despite the visible signs.

    How long have you been trying? We went to the Drs after 14 months (and six after mc) - now on Clomid, which I'm pretty sure made me ov last month, so that might be an option.

  • Hi Maddy
    I had a natural mc at the beginning of march and have had a few problems with my periods since and therefore wasnt sure if i was ovulating. LIke you i started doing opk last month and this month and havent got a positive either although did start getting faint lines but nowhere near dark enough to class as positive so i either missed the surge or am not ovulating! as i am seeing docs quite regularly for my irregular periods and have since been referred to gynae and enocrinology i asked if i could have tests for ovulation so i am currently waiting to have my day21 bloods done. As it has been 6 months for you too i would push for blood tests from your doc. Also have read that the timing of ovulation can greatly differ for every woman and can actually miss the surge between tests so try not to panic xxxxxx
  • Right - 6 months! I know it can take a while for your body to get back to normal, but I just thought it would have happened by now.

    THanks guys - I think I may go to my drs and have a word. Maybe push for some tests. It did take over a year to get pregnant, and then had a really bad mc, so he may help.

    we'll see... keep each posted - wish you all the luck xxxx

  • Maddy I think you should definitely go back to the docs. I had a mmc in Jan having taken 13 months to fall pg. I was convinced I was not ovulating but was told to wait to July (which was 6 months on) and if I still did not think I was ov to go back. Well I manage to wait until June and then went back armed with charts and data and talked my way into a referral. Waiting for appointment to come through now. Hope you get sorted asap!
  • Really? Yeh, thats what I am going to do. They are so flippant about it though - saying that I can get pregnant so there isnt really a problem.

    I have been doing the CB ovulation tests everyday, and nothing, so hopefully they will listen this time.

    Thanks - good luck at your appointment xxxx
  • Hi there I had my mc in feb too, body has been all over the place since, I am not sure I am ovulating either, I have give up testing this month but previos months I have had positive results but some cd11 some cd16 and latest one cd22???????? And I went on to have a 48 day cycle, I think they only work properly if everything is balanced and in order, so I am now just bd every other day to cover all angles, I am back at the gyna on 31st august so will ask them to check for me if no success by then. Hope you get it sorted soon x
  • Can I ask if your drs were helpful? Mine literally said, get back on the horse!!!
  • MaddyW, I will tell you my story, sorry it is quite long but it may help you out a little.

    Found out about MMC on 2nd of Feb at 12 week scan, baby had died at 10 weeks and 4 days so had got quite far. Nothing wrong just for some reason no heartbeat image.
    I had my ERPC on the 4th of Feb, everything was fine, no problems or complications, straight forward as the nurse said in recovery.
    I bled for about 3-4 days, nothing really heavy, just like a normal period and then started spotting for about 3-4 days.

    After this first week I started bleeding again, this time really quite heavy, at some points I would be walking and the blood would just rush out, straight through my clothes and onto the floor, I was taken back into the EPU and they did a scan but confirmed that there was nothing left and thought I may have an infection, they gave me antibiotics and took swabs, the swabs all came back clear, no infection.

    The bleeding carried on for 12 weeks, on and off, sometime spotting, sometime bleeding and other times really heavy again throught my clothes, this happened once at work and was rusehed into A+E, again another scan revealed nothing, no infection, all clear, no fibroids, nothing, nobody could explain why, everybody just kept saying, sometime this can happen, your body is just dealing with things in its own way.

    After 12 weeks of messing around, during which time I had seen my GP about 4 times to which he kept saying, relax, your are just emotional and your emotions are upsetting your body...... you need a holiday, relax....... at which point i nearly killed him!!!!!!!!! ofcourse I was emotional........ I had lost my baby and my body was all over the place so I could not even try again!

    Eventually after lots of moaning and demanding my docotr put me on some tablets that they use to delay a period, I took these and they stopped the bleeding, I took them for about 12 days and when I stopped I started bleeding again, but this was like a normal period and stopped after 5 days, I then had another period about 33 days later so seemd to be getting back to normal.

    I was eventually referred to the Gyna and had my appointment, she took swabs, blood tests and did my smear, everything came back clear, last month I had a 48 day cycle, so still not back to normal, I go back to the Gyna on the 31st of this month so going to ask about my cycles.

    I have been using OPK but I get positive results at all different times in my cycle, some at CD11, some at CD22 and one time I got 5 positive results in a row??????

    I thin they only work properly if your body is very typical, which mine is defo not at the moment. I am going to suggest when I go that I dont think I am ov and see if they will do the 21 day blood test to see.......

    So overall, no, nobdy has been that helpful, it has been a complete nightmare, but i presisted and eventually got what i needed, at least now seeing the gyna i know I am getting the attention i should.

    I am not using OPK anymore, we are just BD every other day until AF shows her face....... they wre stressing me out!!!

    Hope you get some answers soon x
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