I never thought I would say this but....

when is my AF going to arrive!!!!
I know realisticaly I probably have another week or so to go before she comes but good god she is taking ages.

I want her to come so I can start tracking my OV again!!


  • lol, come on AF!!

    How are you huni? xxx
  • I hope she turns up quickly sweetie and you can start again!! How have you been??? Been thinking about you!
  • the wait is such a torment isn't it!

    I hope she doesn't keep you waiting much longer

    lb xx
  • I know what you mean!
    In the days after erpc I was really hoping for a BFN to see my body was getting back to normal - something I never thought I'd be hoping for!

    Good luck hun. The wait feels like forever doesn't it?
  • hi girls,
    god I thought I was ok and have just got emotional at the fact you have asked how I am and that you are thinking of me! what a pussy eh!

    I am ok, I feel weird reading some of the stories of the other girls on here today and I feel like I have had it easy in comparison, so for that I am grateful. I hope that doesn't sound bad, I have lost my much wanted baby as well and sometimes have days where I forget, then other days like today where things affect me.

    I am just getting on with things as I know there is nothing I can do, busy with work so think that has taken my mind off things and looking forward to trying again - feel positive that next time will be the one.....just hope it doesn't take long.

    In saying this and appropriate to the post - AF has decided to show her evil little face today - WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO. Only just though (hence why I thought I would come on for a bit) and I can feel that she is going to be a right bitch already!
    Anyway, looking forward to trying again for our little bundle of joy!

    Love you girls; you have been there for me all the way even by not knowing it. I often think about the different names I see on here and wonder how everyone is doing so hope to see you all in a baby due group soon!

    so thank you
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