Getting Pregnant after a Miscarriage

I have just had a miscarriage for the first time, all started to happen on my Birthday, I already have one daughter.
It all started to happen on my birthday, I am truely gutted. I thinking writing everything down is helping me cope better.

We really want another child and I want to know how long it will be before my body is ready to have another child. The miscarriage was straight forward and my body dealt with it naturally. I didnt need a d&c.

This baby was unexpected but we was over the moon so we wasnt actually trying.

Any help would be grateful.


  • Hi huni,

    Am so sorry to hear your sad news but want to welcome you here, we are a lovely bunch who have all been through similarly awful times.

    I had an early mc that started on xmas eve (pants timing also), I bled (sorry for tmi) for quite as while as mine was not that 'straightforward' if you know what I mean, although it was natural like yours.

    Talking to the girls on here definitely helped massively so please feel free to ask questions/rant away etc...

    I am back to ttc now and I pray it will happen again for us and that this time it will be the sticky bean we long for.

    Take care hun, give yourself time and please know we are here for you,.
    Love MrsH xxx
  • Hi Sweetie,

    sorry you've had to come and join us over here (meant in a nice way image )

    I believe that when our body is ready, it will allow us to be pg again...I'm no expert but I like to think positively if I can :\)

    Like Mrs H, I have found the ladie son here to be a massive source of support and hope that you do to.

    Lots of hugs

  • I had a natural MC last year at 8 weeks. I bled for 2 weeks. I started to try again as soon as the bleeding stopped, tho lookign back I think if I'd got preg immediately it would have been too soon and glad I didn't. I had 3 periods before I got preg again. Am now 15+3 and all going well now after an early scare.
    Good luck. I hope that whenever you feel the time is right for you you get preg again quickly.
  • hi hun sorry your joining us image i lsot my baby 3 weeks ago but i had ERPC. the doctors advised me to wait at least one period but thats just so that if you do fall pregnant they can work out the dates... its wenever u feel ready! after my ERPC i had no bleeding or pains and had sex 3 days after! iv stil had no bleeding or pains and im waiting for period to arrive so i feel like im ready in myself whereas my partner ( were not together right now tho!! ) hes not ready... whatever feels right for you hun image look after yourself though!
    claire xx
  • Hiya all,
    Thank you for your comments. It really is awful timing. We have also had an awful few months. My partner fell on Boxing day and broke his hip, so spent new year in hospital (you'd think he was older the he is, but he's only 25). So me getting preg was a miracle baby but it obviously wasnt meant to be :\? .

    As for having another baby, I really do feel I am ready now. Or at least when the bleeding has stopped. The sister at the hospital adv me they normally advise to wait will your next cycle but alot of women dont. She also advised this is for dating. I couldnt fault the staff bar all the waiting around, especially with it happening over a wkend. She did advise my nxt pregnancy would be a knightmare, but she said I could go back and have an early scan just to make sure all is okay which I am glad about.

    I just hope this is an end to all our bad luck and some good luck is coming my way and all your ways too, I definately feel we need it. I have all the support of my family but as non of them have actually been trhough this they dont really know what to say or do for me.

    Thanks again,
    Suzanne xx
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